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How to Maintain Your Lacquered Wood Floor

How to Maintain Your Lacquered Wood Floor

Choosing a lacquered floor is ideal for a busy environments.   At The Solid Wood Flooring Company, all our lacquered boards are finished with high-quality lacquers from Bona.

To keep your lacquered floor looking as good as the day it was laid you’ll need to follow this routine as nessacary:

General/Regular Cleaning

Cleaning a lacquered floor is easy and can be done as many times as you want.  The ideal product to use is the Bona Spray Mop.  The spray mop is easy to use, and comes with 1ltr of Bona Cleaner.  Bona Cleaner gives you a powerful, low-foaming cleaning agent.  It washes away dirt better than ever without damaging finishes or leaving any residue. Carefully balanced alkalinity makes it an effective degreaser that won’t harm the wood and can be bought in 4ltr refills.

Simply spray the cleaning agent on to the floor using the trigger mounted on the handle of the mop; then work in the cleaning liquid with the micro-fibre pad on the bottom of the.  Continue this action around the area you wish to clean.

Periodic Maintenance

This step is only needed as and when the floor is looking faded or marked.  It is good practice to do this once a year or as required depending on traffic (in some heavy use areas like offices, or restaurants every few months may require this step).

  1. Clean the floor as directed in ‘General/Regular Cleaning’ and allow to the floor to dry fully.
  2. Apply Bona Freshen Up to floor.  Shake the bottle vigorously for a 20secs and then squeeze the bottle to release the liquid inside.  Please note, a little goes a long way so don’t over-use the product or you’ll end up with a sticky floor.
  3. Apply Freshen Up directly to floor in a 3 - 4cm wide wavy line.  Work the Freshen Up in to the floor using a Bona Applicator Pad slightly dampened with water.  Even out along the grain of the wood.

Allow the floor to dry for a minimum of two hours before use.  A second coat may be required.  Avoid heavy traffic and replacing rugs or heavy furniture for 24 hours.