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We are open for business as usual (although there here is nothing usual about this situation) with our transport company (Brooks Transport) who are designated by the government as critical to the covid response. We are still delivering direct to door or site, (however collections or visits to the warehouse are not possible.) Our IT systems allow us to work from home so our staff are protected. Please Call or Email Us for samples or orders. Our factories are back to full capacity and the supply chain is operating effectively which can be seen here. As a trade supplier we have a minimum requirement of 50m2 for any samples and supplies. Please call 01666 504015 if you require less. For Government advice please click here. Even with these steps we have made, we must pull together, support one another, and get through this as a group, a family, and feel proud to say to our wider community we are critical to the Covid-19 response, and we will support it for as long as we are able. Stay safe, stay well, look after yourself, and each other.

The Building Centre will be open fully with the café back and exhibitions in place from Monday 12th April 2021. In the meantime, you can book visits in advance by contacting The Building Centre directly on 020 7692 4000. Please note that we do not have any representatives based at this showroom, but you can call us during your visit to talk through the options on display on 01666 504 015.

The Tetbury showroom is strictly by appointment only, maximum of two people with social distancing and face coverings required. Please call 01666 504 015 to book an appointment.

Inspiration Gallery

Retail Branding

Here at the Solid Wood Flooring Company we have supplied many brands with premium quality wood flooring that not only looks stunning, but will last for years even under the heaviest use. For more information or to speak to our team of experts about what we can do you your brand, please call 01666 504015.


The Residential section shows our Wood Floors in large developments, when we have been asked by Architects and Interior Designers to manufacture a specific finish and style to compliment the interior decor.


Please see our selection of wooden flooring projects that we have recently completed for restaurants.

Commercial and Leisure

The Commercial and Leisure section shows how we have developed specialist Wood Flooring for high traffic areas. This is to create themes where Leisure and Retail clients wish to establish a unique identity.

Oiled Wood Flooring

The latest natural plant oils for wood flooring are not only environmentally friendly but will give your floor the beautiful lustre and protection it needs.

After installation and completion of works any oiled floor should be cleaned with the Timberex Bio-C which is a Ph. neutral floor cleaner followed by a coat of maintenance oil. We recommend using the Satin Oil or the Satin Oil Gold, both of which will give the floor a rich lustre.

The best result is acquired by buffing the maintenance oil in using a Red or Beige buffing pad. This heats the oil allowing for better absorbtion giving you a beautifully smooth surface.

Parquet & Chevron Flooring

This type of flooring is very traditional when in olden times they used the smaller pieces of solid wood fixed onto a bitumen floor so that they could be pushed into the soft bitumen due to poor machining and normally hand hewn blocks.

With modern manufacturing techniques we can now make very accurately machined 10mm thick solid blocks for the overlay system or engineered wood blocks, which have tongue and grooves for easier and faster installation. You can see some examples of the different parquet flooring we currently manufacture.

We are in the process of increasing our range having invested in new state-of-the-art machinery to produce engineered parquet floors, both herringbone and chevron of the highest quality. Some of our newest products will not be shown here as fitted floors so please call us if you have a request for a specific size. Below is a list of the sizes we can make as engineered blocks.

Large Residential Development Projects

The projects using engineered wood flooring shown in this section each have their own story to tell, some like a good novel. Some were developed at the concept stage and in others we were asked to value engineer and supply from our existing extensive range of wood flooring available from our large stocks in the UK.

We get involved at the concept stage with the Architects and Interior Designers to create engineered wood flooring with very specific finishes and colours to match the conceptual interior finishes. We create sample mood boards for matching both hard and soft furnishings which then get approved by the client.

Large Residential Development ProjectsThere is an infinite variety of finishes and colours that we can create, from fumed, light, medium and dark, to brushed and hand scraped.Apart from 50 shades of grey there are Oaks where you can change the tannins in the wood cell structure to create pure white boards or carbonise them to create red to black. Fuming uses the tannins in the wood to create warm brown colours, the longer the wood is left in the fuming chamber the darker the colour with more extreme colour variation as can be seen with our current E151 and E149 fumed engineered floors.

The boards specified for the Shell Building residential development were very lightly fumed to create a light warm colour. This has yet to be fitted out but the mocks up's have been finished with the E215 and also the E124 and we are in the process of acquiring pictures.

If you look at each section below you can see how each product was developed and also how we manage our supply chain to guarantee both quality and on time delivery to site.

Each batch that is produced has full quality control procedures and every single engineered board is stamped with the batch number which allows us full traceability should any problems occur during supply or after installation. To guarantee our boards after installation we recommend fitting the fidbox monitor which records the history of the moisture and humidity levels during and after installation.

For further information and free consultations to create your own unique solutions to residential developments please call 01666 504015

Unfinished Flooring

We supply unfinished wood flooring in 189mm, 220mm wide and 260mm wide engineered boards. The surface of the engineered boards are very smooth and sanded to 120 grit with squared edges all around.

This means that only a light sand after installation will be required and if you have a very good fitter there may be no sanding at all. We only recommend Blanchon oils. The cost of finishing on-site would be between £15/m2 to £25.00 per m2.

There are new solid colour oils which mean you can create your own bespoke floor. Using coloured oils means the floor is easy to repair and maintain, unlike lacquered floors. Below are case studies of many of the installations completed using our unfinished engineered floors.

You can create a “river effect in your floor with two different colours like the Viking Museum, or the Science Museum in London where Blanchon Bare timber was used, as seen below.