Maintaining Oak Parquet

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Project: Maintaining Oak Parquet

The Heritage English parquet panels in this country home hallway had stood up to a wet and muddy Christmas with people milling in and out of the house, as well as putting up with ongoing building work around the home. To give these boards additional durability and to refresh the oak we needed to add some oil.

We first cleaned the floor with a specialist non-foaming cleaner called Nautral Soap Colourless. Only a small amount of cleaning fluid is required to clean a large area using a well-wrung out mop, after 20 minutes the floor is dry and can be giving an additional coat of oil. To give this oak parquet and surrounding walnut a rich lustre and a water resistant finish we used Solid'Oil Natural. To apply the oil we simply used a short haired roller to spread the oil over the floor and then used a buffing machine with a beige pad to work the oil into the oak and walnut. The Heavy Duty UV Plus penetrates deeply giving a rich, water resistant finish.

For information on maintaining your oiled wood floor please see our advice section or speak to our experts by calling 01666 504 015.

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