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We are finding that a large number of our clients are coming to us because other flooring suppliers don’t maintain a consistent supply chain and buy from wherever they can get the flooring. This means different factories, different supply routes and different finishing materials. This results in no consistency and makes it difficult to match previous productions or batches.

Wood Flooring Technical Library Wood Flooring Technical Library

Maintaining consistent ties
throughout our supply chain

At The Solid Wood Flooring Company, we have three factories, one produces Impervia and the other two production sites produce our wood flooring. We have been at the same locations for over 20 years with a library of control samples going back all the way to the very first products we produced.  Critically, we also use the same raw material suppliers and over the years we’ve developed a very loyal relationship, so we’re in the unique position of having strong ties all the way throughout supply chain. 
This means:

  • 1. We can reproduce any product in our range to match previous production.
  • 2. Any signature board we create for our clients can be replicated for repeat orders.
  • 3. For flood damage and replacement boards we can manufacture exactly the same as before.
  • 4. When we send samples for sign off by clients you will get exactly the same delivered not a variant of something similar (unlike other well-known flooring suppliers).
  • 5. We are the number one supplier for large developers and contractors who return to us time and again. 
  • 6. When you are let down whether it be due to the supply chain, excessive delivery lead times, trouble with non-conforming products or any other issues with another flooring supplier, you can count on us to match the product and provide a workable solution.

We’re here to help, so please call 01666 504 015 or email to talk things through. 

Product Grain from 2014 - 2021

Our library of control samples go back all the way to the very first products we produced.  Critically, we also use the same raw material suppliers that ensures a consistent product throughout the years.

Pre-Production Prototype in 2014 TW-E759
First Production Run in 2015 TW-E759
Current Production in 2021 TW-E759

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Below you’ll be able to see our range of various projects. We’ve had the pleasure to work with some of the best interior designers & architects in the industry on projects like York House Retrofitting, Kings College Cambridge, Strada Restaurants, Army Museum London and many more. Take some time to browse our exciting projects to understand how we can help you.

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