Micro Bevel & Square Edged Wood Flooring

Micro Bevelled Floor Boards:

Our pre-finished wood floors that are lacquered or oiled on a production line generally have a micro bevel.  With the exclusion on certain specialist boards for example the E216.  

This ensures that the oil or lacquer fully protects the board on its edges, as well as preventing splintering during manufacturing.

The end view pictures below show a micro bevel on a lacquered board and one on a board that has been hand distressed (far right) to look like a reclaimed board.


Micro Bevelled Floor boards

Square Edged Floor Boards:

These are always unfinished wooden floors as there will be a tendency for the top edge of the board to splinter. If this happens, it can easily be repaired before the floor is finished. 

With unfinished boards, you have an infinite range of colours that you can use to suit your personal taste and decor.  For more information on finishing wood floors please see Applying Oil on Wood Floors and Finishing Colours and Oils

The pictures below show the square edge from both the top and the side.

Square Edged Flooring