Natural Oiled Parquet Panels in a Country Home

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Project: Natural Oiled Parquet Panels in a Country Home

The Solid Wood Flooring Company can manufacture any design but we have found the most popular to be the traditional French designed Versailles Parquet Panel and our own Heritage English parquet panel seen below fitted in a hallway. 

In our opinion you should never cut parquet panels as this will destroy the impact. This is why we generally advise having a contrasting border like a picture frame.

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These panels are purposely made to order because it is important to design them to fit in the floor area with a border that is not too wide. These panels were 600mm x 600mm, so full panels would fit across the hallway inside the front door and then we created the border according the width required around the edge of the panels.

We can this for all panels so please call us for a quote and to discuss sizes etc.


These panels are square edged and unfinished and have been fully glued down to the sand and cement screed where there is a hot water under floor heating system. What a wonder to walk with bare feet on a beautiful, oiled, clean wood floor with warmth emanating form the subfloor.

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