Nosh and Quaff Restaurant, Birmingham

We were originally commissioned to design and manufacture a traditional herringbone engineered wood floor for a restaurant chain from a picture given to us by Keane Design in Birmingham. Further images of the Nosh and Quaff Restaurant can be found here:

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E956 Parquet flooring in Nosh and Quaff, Birmingham
We were asked to make it look like reclaimed oak that had lots of character and warmth. We did this by deep fuming the top layer and then gluing it to the multilayer back. Then before brushing we create antique edges and randomly "fire" areas of each piece.  Each piece is unique in its look and ambience creating individual floors that cannot be repeated.  

E956 Fire Fumed Parquet in Nosh and Quaff
This stunning design looks great after installation, and will continue to do so for years to come! Even in commercial areas and Keane Design decided to use this in many of their restaurant designs including Nosh and Quaff in Central Birmingham.  You can create variations on the design by adding borders using our E803 | Carbonised Oak and also stone inserts.

E956 Parquet flooring in a Birmingham restaurant
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E956 Herringbone Parquet in a Birmingham Restaurant

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Engineered Antique Fumed Oak Parquet UV Oil Finish
Engineered Antique Fumed Oak Parquet UV Oil Finish
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