Select White Oak in the Science Museum

The Solid Wood Flooring Company worked with Coffey Architects to help create the engineered wooden floor to their specification for the Science Museum in London, that can been seen below. Coffey Architects have often been voted the young Architects of the year and information can be taken from their website - - of the prestigious projects we have worked on with them, including this project at the Science Museum in London.

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White Oak Flooring

Frontline Flooring installed and finished the floor according to the specification.

The boards used were our select grade 260mm wide and 340mm wide unfinished. Once works were completed they were finished with a special bare timber product to seal the boards without changing the colour of the White Oak.

Science Museum's new wood flooring

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Select White Oak Flooring at Science Museum

 Staircase in White Oak


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Select Grade Wide White Oak Flooring Unfinished
Select Grade Wide White Oak Flooring Unfinished
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