Stair Cladding for Wood Flooring

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Project: Stair Cladding for Wood Flooring

Stair Cladding for Wood Flooring

We are able to manufacture engineered wood stair units to match our flooring with the same colour and finish. The images below show the quality and construction and If the stairs are open we can veneer the sides.

The stair units include the tread and riser and can be made to exact sizes if we have detailed drawings. This means installation costs will be considerably less.

These stair cladding units can be fully bonded to old stairs, concrete stairs or Steel stair structures.

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The cost of these stair units are considerably more than our standard stair nosings and a deposit will be required before we go into production because they will be to your specification project by project. Lead times are around 12 weeks.

For open stair cases we will make to your exact specification and size with a thin veneer on the ends and the same finish on the top and bottom to match the wood flooring you have chosen.

For stairs where only the tread and riser needs cladding we will manufacture oversize by 10 mm of 20 mm to allow for any deviation on the substructure. Please call 01666 504015 for further information or to discuss your project.

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