The Durability of Impervia Better than any Vinyl flooring

Before bringing any new product to market, tests need to be carried out and boxes ticked for us to know that it is a reliable investment for the consumer. This was no different with Impervia.

Because of the inherent nature of Impervia as a product, it meant that we could experiment with this testing in radical and somewhat unorthodox ways.

The Impervia Natural Oak boards shown in the image below were used over the course of some 9 months to track how the product coped under extreme stress. While we do not recommend fitting Impervia outside, it was important to understand the limits to which this product could be pushed and to document the enduring effectiveness of the factory-applied waterproofing and UV sealants that protect Impervia from anything, from dust and grit to harsh, direct sunlight.

Flooring Outside

The two boards - placed on a gravel driveway last July - were left exposed to the soaring temperatures of Summer 2019 which then quickly changed to a wet and harsh winter, with the boards at some points even being covered in snow. 

This proves our statement that Impervia is waterproof and also the UV finish that protects against all the elements.

The following image shows a new Impervia board - taken from a new, unopened carton fresh from the factory - placed on top of the two boards that had been left outside.


What we found was that, unlike many vinyls and certainly unlike solid wood flooring, the Impervia boards remained unchanged in both colour and state. The tested boards had retained not just their structure - allowing them to fit seamlessly together - but also their appearance, with no change in colour, shade or pattern. 

Natural Oak Impervia IMP-9005-1 Outdoor weather test 5 (new board on top)

In addition to this, the original two boards fit together perfectly with the brand new board we were comparing them to. The image below shows the three boards fitted together, with the two boards used for testing to the middle and right hand side. 

Looking more closely at these same three boards in the images below, we registered no change to the surface texture to either of the exposed boards when compared with the new sample on the left.

Passing such rigorous testing with flying colours, we are pleased to offer Impervia Flooring to the market as a flooring solution that will not be affected by sunlight, weather or moisture conditions that noticeably and permanently damage more traditional flooring options.

The images below show how there has been no effect on the colour or state of the boards. They still fit together perfectly and look the same as a fresh new board straight out of the carton. 

The left-hand board is the brand new one and the two to the right are the boards that have been left on the gravel drive for 9 months.

Natural Oak Impervia IMP-9005-1 Outdoor weather test 1 (new board on the left)

Another detailed image is shown below taken as a close up again the brand-new board is on the left-hand side.

Natural Oak Impervia IMP-9005-1 Outdoor weather test 2 (new board on the left)

This shows how Impervia is the perfect choice for any flooring solution and will not be affected by sunlight or weather or moisture conditions

Natural Oak Impervia IMP-9005-1 Outdoor weather test 3 (new board on the left)

If you would like to order a sample and experiment with the durability of Impervia yourself, we have new colours and finishes arriving into our warehouse all the time.  We would love to see how you interact with this impressive new flooring product.

Please call 01666 504015 to discuss your requirements.  We can send out samples anytime and have new colours and new products arriving into our warehouse all the time.

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