Water and Wood Moisture and Humidity

Water and Wood Flooring do not mix, relative humidity levels and the moisture content of sub floors wall and the humidity in the air have huge effects on wood even your furniture made out of wood if effect and doors can jam because of high humidity levels. The videos below explains in detail the effects and even though it is American it is also relevant to our country as well. We hope this helps to explain what to consider when fitting a wooden floor.

All our flooring is made to a very high specification as can be seen by clicking here and the moisture content of our wood flooring is 7% with our engineered boards being balanced so that the moisture of the plywood base is exactly the same as the solid top layer of wood, unlike a lot of our competitors who sell cheap engineered boards that do not match our stringent quality controls and procedures.

When installing a wood floor never have wet trades work afterwards and never cover a floor whilst this is happening because you could be trapping moisture in the wood which means it will "sweat" and expand and then when it is all removed and the relative humidity goes back to normal the wood will shrink leaving gaps and even twists and cups in the wood.