The Solid Wood Flooring European Manufacturing Facility

The images below show the modern facility we have for our European production facility. The use of precision modern machines guarantees our quality from whatever facility we have. The area of the factory in the image below shows the press for gluing the top layers to the plywood back as well as one of the profiling machines.

Press and Profiling Machine

Due to the efficiency of the profiling machines and layout of the factory we can easily produce more than 5,000 m2 per month from this facility. Should higher volumes be required we can supply from one of our other two wood flooring mills.

Profiling Machine

The production facility with the variety of profiling machines means we can produce the following:

Planks up to and wider than 300mm

Herringbone sizes from 100mm x 450mm

Chevron sizes from 100mm x 450mm

The area of the factory below shows the cutting and processing line. There is a brushing machine, sanding machine and other processes that means we can create any floor you need. 

Cutting and Inspection Area

The wood drying area and finishing line is well ventilated which guarantees that the engineered wood flooring is stable with the correct moisture content of between 7% to 9%. We finish with natural oils, UV cured oils and lacquers, using
only the highest quality materials available. 

Natrual Air Drying Racks for oiled wood floors

We are very stringent with our packing of the wood flooring to guarantee that it stays dry during transit and arrives in the correct quantity ordered. The packs are shrink wrapped so that whatever season the floor is transported in it will arrive with a moisture level of between 7% to 9%.

Finishing and Packing Area

We operate a total of 4 mills worldwide to ensure that the quality and consistency of our flooring is always the same. If you get floods or damage to your flooring we can always replace like with like.

We guarantee our supply chain and plan raw material purchases and production plans ahead of time.

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