The Solid Wood Flooring Company join forces with WWF

Here at the Solid Wood Flooring Company we are proud of our care for the environment and our promise to use only fully certified timber flooring. This fact was recognised by WWF UK as part of their new Save the Forests Campaigns.

As part of the campaign, the Solid Wood Flooring company was awarded top marks from WWF UK of three trees!

The award of three trees was justified by the WWF when they wrote: "WWF found that these companies responded well to almost all of the requests WWF has made regarding the purchasing of timber and timber products. Most have made public commitments to using FSC and recycled timber and timber products, and to EUTR compliance, and have set up policies and control systems. They report quantities openly and accurately and have a good understanding of the source of all their timber and timber products. They are probably sourcing over 70% certified material, with high proportions of FSC and recycled timber and timber products. These companies are showing their competitors that it is possible to act responsibly when it comes to forest trade - but even they will need to find ways to do more to fulfil their targets by 2020."

trees shaped as a pair of legs

We are also delighted to partner the WWF in their Save the Forests Campaign.

Our clients can buy sustainable, environmentally friendly wood floors from us - for more information, please call 01666 504015

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