Blanchon Solid'Oil

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Blanchon Solid'Oil

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High solid one-coat hard waxoil. Impregnates, stains and protects wood floors

  • Blanchon Solid'Oil
  • Blanchon Solid'Oil
  • Blanchon Solid'Oil

Impregnates and stains in a single coat

High oil concentration

Single coat

Very little odour

The perfect match for Blanchon Wood Ageing Agent

Infinite variety of decorative effects

Long-term protection against dust and humidity

High resistance to wear

Quick maintenance and easy restoration

Quick Drying

For all types of wood

  • UFH
  • Suitable for Under Floor Heating
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Solid'Oil™ impregnates, stains and protects wood floors and wood in general in a single operation. On contact, it creates an interactive bond with the wood, which nourishes and preserves it. Available in 8 basic colours, Solid'Oil™ can be mixed to obtain an infinite number of shades, from natural to deep black, with many wood tones and a wide range of greys in between. *Solid'Oil™ is ready to use, but it can be mixed with a special hardener to optimise drying and durability. Measures: 1 part hardener to 5 parts Solid'Oil™

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