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Replacing a Floor Board in The Middle of a Floor

If you get a badly damaged board min the middle of your floor you can easily replace it. Our experienced fitters can do this for you very effectively as the pictures below show. It always seems that the floor board that will get damaged is right in the middle where maybe someone has dropped something really heavy or worse still chipped the board. 

replacing a floorboard step 1replacing a floorboard step 2

The pictures above show how a board has been removed carefully so as not to damage the boards around it. The tongues are then removed careful with a wood chisel  so that the replacement board can be fitted back in. This is done easily if you have engineered hardwood flooring glued down but you can still do it with solid wood flooring.

replacing a floorboard step 3 replacing a floorboard step 4

The replacement board is then replaced carefully using adhesive and as you can see no one would know it had been replaced.