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Terms & Conditions

The Warranties described below are given to the original purchaser only AND ARE SUBJECT TO THE PROCEDURES, LIMITATIONS, DISCLAIMERS AND EXCLUSIONS SET FORTH HEREIN. The Warranties cover only approved product applications as recommended by the solid wood flooring company. This warranty only covers residential usage of the product. Solid, bamboo and engineered floors are manufactured in accordance with accepted industry standards, which permit a defect tolerance not to exceed 5%. The defects may be of a manufacturing or natural type (this does not include colour variation). This 5% allowance is not valid under this warranty and it is the owners and installers responsibility for all products installed. This warranty applies only to material in excess of 5% that is deemed to be defective. The conditions of this warranty shall only apply when proper installation procedures are followed. This warranty shall not apply to solid hardwood and bamboo floors which are installed in a basement, directly on a concrete slab that has more than 2% moisture content, nor on substandard or OSB (pressed wood) floors, nor in a room equipped with an in-floor radiant heating system for boards over 90mm wide, or where high temperatures and varying excessive humidity occurs. All guidelines in the underfloor heating (UFH) section must be strictly adhered to for this warranty to apply.

We will not accept returns or claims of any kind if the wood flooring has been delivered before the completion of wet trades including plastering, plumbing and any trades that will increase the humidity of the building. Wood flooring should not be stored in any area where the humidity is more than 60 % and must not be subjected to direct heat if an area is damp and you are trying to dry it out. We cannot accept any returns or claims if you have decided to store the flooring yourself prior to fitting. No claims can be made against quality or the condition of the flooring if you have stored it on site, or anywhere else for more than 30 days and we cannot accept any returns where you have had the flooring for more than 30 days. We will not accept any returns of cartons of wood flooring if the shrink wrap on the cartons has been removed.

All negotiations for fitting, terms of business and payments should be made direct to the fitting company you employ. Our recommended fitters are the best we know and if you follow their advice then you should have a trouble free installation and a lifetime of enjoyment from you wooden floor.

Installer and Purchaser Responsibility:  Should you wish to return the flooring after having received a sample and confirming the order during the 7 day cooling off period then we will refund the cost of the flooring and the transport cost, however this will not apply if you have fitted and installed the floor. It is critical that all installations are done in compliance with the procedures outlined in the solid wood flooring company's installation and maintenance instructions. Failure to install in accordance with the instructions and to properly maintain your wooden floor will void all warranties. No warranty coverage is provided for flooring that contains obvious defects of any kind that were installed nonetheless. It is the installers and purchasers responsibility to set aside pieces with visible defects and not use them and you must make sure that the flooring meets the purchaser's expectations prior to installation. Likewise, it is the installers and purchaser's responsibility to check that the moisture content of the uninstalled flooring is within the acceptable range that the solid wood flooring company warrants of 6% to 9% prior to installation. The wood flooring supplied is manufactured to 7% to 8% moisture content. The installer and purchaser are also responsible for ensuring that the subfloor has an acceptable moisture content ( 2 % ) and that the relative humidity conditions at the site are suitable (35% to 55% relative humidity) prior to installation. It is the installers and purchaser's responsibility to inspect the flooring prior to installation and to install the floor in a random and harmonious mix, and with good workmanship. The solid wood flooring company's warranty does not apply to claims made on pieces of flooring installed with color/grain variation and this warranty does not cover poor workmanship by the installer. Once the flooring has been installed, the installer and purchaser have deemed the flooring acceptable and the solid wood flooring company assumes no further responsibility for defects visible at the time of installation or moisture/humidity problems. 

Unfinished Wood Flooring:  If you purchase our unfinished wood flooring and use your own fitters or builders to finish the floor then we will not accept any claims for the finish and any staining or discolouration that may occur when the floor is being fitted or finished  or when  the floor is used. We cannot be held responsible for site conditions that may not be conducive to the application of wood oils and treatments on site. Oils will always take about 10 to harden properly so that staining does not occur and if the application is not done in the correct temperature normally 18 degrees then the  floor will never properly cure and the application will be sub-standard. 

Underfloor Heating: You should only use engineered boards with underfloor heating and the surface temperature must not exceed 27 degrees. If the surface temperature exceeds 27 degrees and any of the installations conditions are not met then we cannot warranty our floors.

The installation of the flooring must be carried out according to our recommendations in the underfloor heating technical section, the most important aspects being that the underfloor heating system must be commissioned and working at full temperature to test the controls and then turned off so it is completely cold and left for 2 days. The floor should then be installed and left for 72 hours before starting the underfloor heating system which must be gradually turned up by no more than 2 degrees a day. In addition excessive sunlight and extreme temperature and humidity variations are not covered under any of our guarantees or warranties especially where there is underfloor heating. Please do not come to us for a claim if you have not followed our conditions.

Underfloor Heating Flow Temperature Controls: Unless a condensing boiler with a low temperature control is being used, for most underfloor heating systems the water temperature from the boiler, normally 82 degrees centigrade is reduced to the required temperature using a mixing valve. More advanced controllers, called weather compensators, use an external sensor and programme to adjust the flow and temperature to compensate for outside conditions. It is imperative to have a device to control the boiler and pump to prevent flow temperatures exceeding safety limits for wood flooring which is a maximum floor surface temperature  of 27 degrees centigrade. If any of these conditions are not met then we will not guarantee our flooring and no claims can be made against us for not following our recommendations.

Electric Underfloor Heating Mats or Carbon Film Systems: Wood flooring must never be fitted directly on electric underfloor heating mats, there must be an underlay over the matting and there must be a form of spreader plate or method to spread the heat evenly over the floor. The underlay used over the matting must be tested with the heating fully turned on to its maximum heat to ensure that the surface temperature of the surface of the underlay over the heating elements does not exceed 27 degrees before fitting the flooring. If any of these conditions are not met then Ryder International Limited trading as The Solid Wood Flooring Company will not be held responsible and will not offer any refunds and no claims can be made against us.

Lifetime Residential Structural Integrity Warranty: The solid wood flooring company warrants that these hardwood, bamboo and engineered floors in their original manufactured condition, to be free from defects in material and workmanship. This includes milling, assembly, dimension and grading for as long as the original purchaser owns the floor. Engineered floors are warranted against delamination (separation between plies) when installed in normal environmental conditions of relative humidity from 35% to 55%, moisture content of the subfloor is less than 2% and provided the flooring is not soaked in water and that there is no water ingress in any form either physical or vapour either from above or below. A rich variety of natural wood characteristics such as knots, mineral highlights, pin holes, distinctive differences in color, and grain configuration provides the truest wood grain texture and detail that nature has to offer. These natural appearances are not construed as defects. Being a natural material, hardwood floors will react to humidity and temperature variations. In high humidity, wood picks up moisture and swells; in low humidity wood releases moisture and shrinks. At some periods of the year splits may temporarily appear between the boards. This phenomenon is normal and it is not covered by the warranty. The solid wood flooring company hardwood floors must be installed in environments of 35%-55% relative humidity for coverage under the warranty and to prevent possible damage, such as excessive swelling and/or shrinkage or other movement, due to extreme dryness/humidity. Installation of a humidifier or dehumidifier may be necessary. The floor is designed to perform in an environmentally controlled structure.

A 10-Year Residential Finish Warranty:  The solid wood flooring company warrants to the original purchaser, under normal residential traffic conditions and with proper maintenance that the pre-finished surface will not peel off or wear through for 10 years from the date of purchase by the original purchaser subject to normal use with soft soled shoes and no metal furniture or sharp objects. Gloss reduction is not covered under the finish warranty since it is not considered wear through. It is important to note that a floor exposed to sunrays (ultraviolet light) or to an intensive lighting system may alter in a subtle way the colour of the floor. This is a natural reaction for wood floors which cannot be recognized as a finish default. The warranty does not cover such fading of your floor. It is recommended periodically to move area rugs in order to minimize the effects of ultraviolet light on your hardwood floors. Warranty excludes any scratches, dents, notches and any damages to the finish caused by lack of proper maintenance, negligence, inappropriate use of floors, fire, burns, excessive heat, cold, indelible liquids, water, moisture, erosion, external environmental conditions, accident, natural disaster, stones, sand, other abrasives and corrosives material, insect infestation, animals and domestic pets, theft, vandalism, sharp or blunt edge objects, excessive impacts, heavy furniture not moved correctly like “dragging” it across the wooden floor, spiked heel shoes, crib and rocking chair, casters, insufficient protection in kitchen and under furniture, wet mopping or failure to follow all the manufacturer’s written maintenance instructions. Use of floor care products other than those recommended by the solid wood flooring company may damage your floor and may void the warranty. 

Acclimatization: with underfloor heating even engineered boards should be acclimatised and stored in the conditions that they are to be laid for at least 7 days prior to fitting. The boards should never be left in a humid or damp environment, or in any premises where plastering or any wet trades are in operation. Where plastering has taken place dehumidifiers must have been in operation and no wood flooring should have been delivered for at least 14 days after all plastering work has been completed and the plaster has dried to below 2% moisture. The boards should never be left in a damp cold place and then fitted in a warm moist room this would be a disaster waiting to happen and this could occur 6 months to a year later.

Samples:  We always insist on sending wood samples and our wood floors are sold on the basis of the wood samples that are part of each batch production. However because wood is a natural product with inherent characteristics such as grain and colour variation, knots and splits samples can only be an indication of; and guide to what you will get. Every board will be individual and we try and show the colour variations on the web site. We can accept no claims for colour variations or characteristics which are inherent in natural wood flooring. Not every board will have the same features or characteristics as the sample we send.

Unfinished Wood Flooring

Where unfinished wood flooring is used any colour variation, no matter how extreme resulting from subsequent staining, oiling, or lacquering will not be the responsibility of The Solid Wood Flooring Company or any fitter or finisher recommended by the company.

Bespoke Wood Flooring

We can produce bespoke wood floors but we will require a full detailed specification and payment prior to manufacture. The company will not be responsible for the final aesthetic look of the floor as this is down to the fitter. 

Additional Warranty Disclaimers and Exclusions: In addition to all the above stated warranty disclaimers and exclusions, this warranty shall not apply to all of the following:

Water damage to the flooring caused by broken or leaking pipes; Damage to the flooring caused by flooding, hurricanes, other natural disasters, and Acts of God; Damage to the flooring caused by improper handling, shipping and storage; Installation of the flooring in an environment outside of the 35% to 55% relative humidity range; Installation of the flooring on a moist, damp, wet or leaking or otherwise unsuitable subfloor ; Improper alterations and maintenance of the original manufactured product; Failure to follow all the manufacturer' written installation and maintenance instructions; and no warranties shall apply to any product or products designated and sold as clearance or non-standard items. Any product or products so designated are sold as seen.

Exposure of the flooring to sunlight will alter the colour of the floor, exposure for prolonged periods to excessive heat from the sun through glass in summer (such as conservatories) will make it shrink and it will then expand in winter, this will happen even with engineered flooring, this is not covered under our warranty. This is a natural reaction for wood floors which is not considered a defect and not covered by the warranty.

If in the unlikely event any portion of your floor should fail with respect to the provisions of these warranties, the solid wood flooring company will replace (material only) such portion, at no cost to the original purchaser, with the same product or another product of equal value. To file a claim please contact the solid wood flooring company, attention to Claims Department. Claims must also be filed within the warranty coverage period and a receipt verifying the date of purchase and the ownership of the products will be required. The solid wood flooring company warranties are not transferable and the warranties are valid ONLY if the owner can provide an original proof of purchase. The solid wood flooring company reserves the rights to have a designated solid wood flooring company representative inspect the floors and remove samples for technical analysis. No distributor, installer, retailer, agent or employee of the solid wood flooring company has the authority to alter the obligations or limitations of any solid wood flooring company warranty.

Legal Ownership: The property in and title to goods supplied by The Solid Wood Flooring Company shall remain within the company until:

a) The buyer shall have paid the price plus VAT in full and
b) No other sums whatever shall be due from the buyer to the seller

In the event of non-payment of sums due to the company from the buyer, the company shall be entitled to enter the buyer's Premises and to physically re-possess and remove therefrom similar goods supplied by the company for which payment has not been received. It will be assumed that where the buyer purchases similar goods from the company on a regular basis that a stock rotation system had operated and goods still held relate to invoices still outstanding for which full payment plus VAT hasn't been made.

Specification of goods: Defects

It is the responsibility of the buyer to examine goods supplied by the company and to identify defects in materials and/or workmanship which might cause damage or injury. Illustrations, descriptions, weights and measurements shall be taken by the buyer as a guide only, and are not binding in detail. The company reserves the right without notice and without affecting the validity of the contract to make such changes in materials, dimensions and design as are reasonable and desirable. No claims for damages / discrepancies can be made after installation as installation of our materials constitutes acceptance of the product in its current state.

While the company endeavors to hold sufficient stock to meet all orders, if insufficient stock is held or the stock item has been discontinued, the company may, at its discretion, supply or deliver a substituted product or refund the buyer for such goods as soon as possible.

Installations: Where assembly of the goods supplied by the company is not undertaken by the company the buyer shall be responsible for assembly in accordance with the company's instructions and shall ensure that such instructions have been obtained from the company. Failure to assemble goods in the manner prescribed in the instructions supplied with goods will invalidate the Company's responsibility for damage caused to or by the goods.

Advice, Information and Opinion:  Advice, information and opinion given by any Director, Employee or Agent of the company is given without legal responsibility. Any recommendations or suggestions made by the company relating to the use of goods, whether in technical literature or in response to a specific enquiry is made in good faith, but it is for the buyer to satisfy himself of the suitability of the goods for his particular purpose, and shall be deemed to have done so.

Limit of Liability: The company shall not be liable for damage or injury caused by its goods or workmanship beyond replacement of goods or work verification of the buyer's complaint. The company shall not be liable for any consequential loss caused by its failure or delay in supplying, servicing or repairing goods, whether the loss arises from the actions or from the omissions of the company, its employees, agents or subcontractors.

Complete the Installation

  • At completion of the installation, vacuum thoroughly and clean the floor with a proper wood flooring cleaner on a soft, cloth mop. Then wipe the surface clean to remove loose dirt or soil.
  • Reinstall all base and/or quarter round mouldings, skirting boards etc. Nail or glue the mouldings and or skirting boards into the wall, not the floor.
  • Install any transition pieces that may be required, such as reducers, T-mouldings and stair nosing.
  • Keep several spare boards from the installation in the event of future repairs.

Floor Care and Maintenance Guidelines

  • Remove loose dirt and grit from the floor on a routine basis using a soft broom or vacuum. It is important that abrasives are removed from the flooring because they can scratch the floor finish.
  • Promptly wipe up liquid or food spills with a soft, clean cloth.
  • The floor can be cleaned with a clean and dry soft cloth. DO NOT wet mop, damp mop or use water to clean the floor unless you are using one of the recommended maintenance kits.
  • It is recommended that area rugs are placed in kitchen areas and high traffic areas. Ensure that the area rugs used have a breathable material so that moisture can escape (i.e. do not use area rugs with a vinyl or solid rubber backing).
  • Equip rolling furniture with soft rubber chair casters and fit furniture legs with felt tips. Always use a dolly and protective sheets of plywood when moving heavy objects, furniture or appliances. Never roll or slide objects directly on the floor.
  • Place mats at outside entrances, and clean shoes on mats before walking on floor so as to avoid tracking dirt and abrasives onto the floor.
  • Do not walk on the floor with shoes with spiked or damaged heels or sport shoes with spikes or cleats.
  • Keep pets nails trimmed to avoid scratching the floor and their paws clean and free of dirt.
  • Use curtains, blinds, drapes or other suitable means to protect the floor from direct exposure to sunlight.