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Bamboo Flooring

FSC® Certified

Our bamboo flooring is sustainably sourced and is of the highest quality available in the U.K market. Our strand woven bamboo is made from the Mao species, known for its extreme strength and durability. Bamboo flooring is amongst the most environmentally friendly products you can use and is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

If we don’t have it we can make it for you, subject to minimum quantities OF 500 m2

Starting with the basics, here are a few facts about Bamboo:

1 – Bamboo is a grass, rather than a tree.
2 – Bamboo can grow up to one metre in a single day and add more than 50m in height within a single growing season.
3 – It is cost effective, but critically it is one of the most economical products you can use.
4 – Bamboo plants absorb more carbon dioxide than fast growing trees e.g. eucalyptus.
5 – Bamboo doesn’t damage the surrounding land while achieving its growth, the root system reduces soil erosion by up to 75% in two years and provides a valuable habitat for wildlife.
6 – Bamboo is more durable than wood and can be made both strong and flexible allowing a huge variety of uses, from building construction and snowboards to T-Shirts, wind turbine blades and bicycles.

Environmentally Friendly Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo can be harvested for structural use within three to four years of planting, and will then provide an annual crop for up to 100 years. Unlike many timber products, the root system of bamboo continues to feed new shoots after harvesting, rather than dying off. In fact, the plant diverts nutrients from other parts to feed new shoots. We only use Mao bamboo for our products, ensuring the best quality and ethical farming procedures are in place. For more information, see our strand woven bamboo page in our technical centre. Call 01666 504 015 or email for your free bamboo flooring samples.