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Extra Wide Wood Flooring

Our range extra wide wood flooring is extensive. We determine extra wide as wood floors that are 220mm or wider, or in old money wider that 8.5 inches. We can supply form Stock 220mm wide, 240mm wide 260mm wide and some 340mm wide. For special made to order we can supply 300mm wide engineered wood floors.

If we don’t have it we can make it for you, subject to minimum quantities OF 500 m2

220mm wide wood flooring is perfect for the large room or open plan area. Generally you would use this for rooms larger than 5m x 7m an all our boards are at least 1900mm and can be up to 2500mm long. Generally, we supply 2200mm long boards depending on what raw material is available. Wide wood flooring will be more expensive than narrower boards and we do not supply random lengths unless the flooring is 90mm wide.

240mm wide wood flooring would fit larger rooms up to say 8m wide where you would get 34 boards across the width of the room. These wider floors look great in any design and you will get some more character depending on the grade.

260mm wide wood flooring this is now getting more difficult to source in select grade but our E109 antique hand distressed board is perfect.

300mm wide wood flooring normally very expensive, but the select grade timber can look fantastic in larger rooms and galleries. We make this to order with a deposit required due to the cost and short supply of high quality grade certified material

340mm wide wood flooring this is an exceptional wide board and we have supplied this in 5 metre lengths. We need Oak trees that are more than 200 years old to get good quality boards because we do not want sap wood.

You can see an image of our 260mm wide wood floor butted up against our 340mm wide wood floor where the Bookshelves end and the boards change direction in the Science Museum Library here and below and our 260mm wide board in the Viking Museum in York :

Extra Wide 1 Extra Wide 2Extra Wide 3