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Unfinished Wood Flooring

FSC® Certified

As these are unfinished engineered floors, you will need to protect it and seal the grain. We always recommend natural oils or coloured oils, or if you do not want to change the colour so your floor "looks" unfinished " then use the Blanchon Bare timber finish.


If we don’t have it we can make it for you, subject to minimum quantities OF 500 m2

You can go to the full list of oils for wood floors here. Some examples of the coloured oils available are shown in the images below. The latest coloured oils from Blanchon are perfect to finish our unfinished oak flooring and they are also easy to maintain.

The advantage of finishing a floor on site is that you can have a perfectly flat smooth surface without any bevel on the boards and create your own unique wood floor.

We have developed a “Chevron Plank” and unlike our competitors where they just create a bevel with a saw. We actually glue individual top layer pieces of Chevron to the backing board. This means that when each board is fitted together it looks exactly like each piece had been fitted separately. Given time we can make these planks for any of our chevron.

The Dana Research Science Library was fitted with our 260mm wide and 340mm wide boards and finished with the Blanchon Bare Timber finish to keep it light and unfinished looking.

As our unfinished boards are accurately machined and have a smooth surface of 120 grit they will only need a very light sanding and in some cases just buffing in the oil with a Red pad will be sufficient.

BLANCHON Solid Coloured Oil Finishes

anthracite black metallicgrey natural pearl snow vieux white_grey 

   Anthracite             Black         Metallic Grey         Natural              Pearl                 Snow        Vieux Chene       White Grey 

The colours are above and are solid oils so it is just a simple case of buffing the oil in after the boards are installed and all other trades have finished.

Wood Ageing Agents and Special Treatments:

The colour images of our unfinished wood flooring below are created using special treatments such as wood aging agents which react with the tannins in the wood. This is a more specialist treatment and will need an experienced craftsman to complete this along with the final coats of oil. We can help with this and recommend wood flooring installers so that you can create your unique wood floor.

wenge    silver    goldenoak    colourless

         WAA + Wenge                         WAA + Silver                 WAA + Golden Oak                WAA + Colourless   


The Wood Ageing Agent (WAA) changes the oak’s natural colour and then the coloured oil is buffed in. The final coat should be a Satin Hard wax oil if you want a sheen or a Matt Hard Wax oil for a matt finish.

The colours in the images cannot be taken as a true representative of the finish you will get which is why it is always advisable to have sample created on the board you will be using.

We are happy to do samples of the colours you want on the unfinished board you choose, just call 01666 504015 to talk to one of our team of experts.