Wood Floor Specification

Oak, Maple, Walnut, Bamboo floor Specification Details

The Architects specification document (PDF) gives the full details of all our hardwood flooring ranges and products including finishes and fitting options. It also lists the accessories that can be used with the product code. When specifying just use the product code and indicate the fitting option you wish to use. You can see the colours of all the floors on the web site including fitted rooms and what lengths you can get in each of our cartons. Unlike the competition we do not supply cheap flooring with lots of short lengths. Random lengths are designed to give a room the old authentic look and it also allows us to manufacture more efficiently as we are able to use more of the tree.

Loading for Buildings

Our flooring meets all the requirements of BS 6399 part 1 for load bearing and we can confirm that our engineered and solid wood floors comply with BS 6399-1:1996 Table 1 section 3 and specifically Museum Floors and Art Galleries for exhibitions. It also complies with Clause 5.1.2 uniformly distributed loads and clause 5.1.3 Concentrated loads.
Carbonised Oak are ‘Thermo Floor Boards’ which have been heat treated to an extremely high temperature which removes all the moisture from the board so that the oak floor is totally stable. Our Carbonised Oak flooring is one of the best market and it is also engineered.

Engineered Oak Flooring is now one of the most popular wooden flooring options available due to its structure and sustainability. We get three times more wooden flooring from an engineered board than we do from a solid board. There is also no need to acclimatise before installation unless it is going over underfloor heating.

The Solid Wood Flooring Company manufactures unique products with the best managed forest timber products. We will not purchase or machine any timber from the rainforests, such as Teak etc. A good managed forest will plant more trees than it harvests and in North America, parts of Russia and even China this is very much the case. We do not have many of our deciduous forests left now so oak in the UK is in short supply. All our products are unique to us as they are made to our exacting specification and are British quality controlled.

We have two main manufacturing facilities specialising in our solid and engineered flooring range. The two main facilities are FSC certified to ensure that all our products are sourced ethically with the environment in mind.

Wooden flooring products are just like us, every tree is individual and unique as this is how nature works. The grain and colour variation on any single species of tree will be different, just like every human being is different. Even identical twins will have personality differences even though they may look alike. The seasons and climate changes will have an impact on trees and can alter their hue, colour and structure.

Advantages of our Product range

Over a period of years we have developed and extended our range of wooden flooring, many at the bequest of our Architect and Interior Designer clients. We place the most emphasis on quality and functionality and with no middlemen so you receive a top quality product at a reasonable price.

We are proud to offer you one of the largest ranges of solid and engineered wooden flooring in the UK market today.

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