With a business model based around service, quality and sustainability, everyone at the Solid Wood Flooring Company holds the following values in high esteem:

  • Providing a service and product that is second to none
  • Establishing and building long-term business relationships
  • Being open-minded about the wood flooring industry
  • Taking the lead in using new techniques and technology to develop high quality British products

Our complementary services only add to the client experience.  We also supply the best aftercare products to ensure your wood floor stays in great condition. It is quite possible a quality wood floor, fitted well and maintained, can last you a lifetime!

We now have four main manufacturing facilities specialising in our solid and engineered flooring range, although due to sustainability issues we rarely manufacture solid Oak these days. All our facilities are FSC® or PEFC certified to ensure that all our products are sourced ethically with the environment in mind.

Ongoing Development & Sustainability

The Solid Wood Flooring Company manufactures unique hardwood flooring products with the best managed forest timber products. We will not purchase or machine any timber from the rain forests, such as Teak etc. A good managed forest will plant more trees than it harvests and in North America, parts of Russia and even China this is very much the case. We do not have many of our deciduous forests left now so oak in the UK is in short supply. All our products are unique to us as they are made to our exacting specification and are British quality controlled.

The continual development of our ethical hardwood flooring means we can offer high quality products at competitive prices.  As a member of the Timber Trade Association, The Solid Wood Flooring Company sets industry standards with their approach to testing, sourcing, research and development.

Being proactive with sustainability ensures that more trees are planted than harvested for our timber products.

We have earned a three Tree rating with the WWF, which is the highest that can be given for our environmental and sustainability statements and procedures.

Wooden flooring products are just like us – every tree is individual and unique as this is how nature works. The grain and colour variation on any single species of tree will be different, just like every human being is different. Even identical twins will have personality differences even though they may look alike. The seasons and climate changes will have an impact on trees and can alter their hue, colour and structure.