Choosing the perfect wood flooring for commercial spaces involves considering several factors to ensure durability, aesthetics, and functionality. Wood flooring represents a significant investment in yours or your client’s business, so the process shouldn’t be rushed. A heady plethora of options are available, so it’s essential to ask yourself some questions before making any decisions. Here are some key considerations:

Traffic and Usage

For spaces with heavy foot traffic, choose hardwood species known for their durabilities, such as Oak or Maple. In areas with lighter traffic, you have more flexibility with softer woods like Walnut.

Durability and Hardness

Different wood species have varying hardness levels, a key consideration for commercial premises. The Janka hardness scale measures this, with higher numbers indicating greater hardness. Hardwoods like Oak and Maple are often chosen for their durability in commercial settings, standing up well to heavier footfall. Walnut shouldn’t necessarily be ruled out provided the hardness rating is understood.

Finish and Maintenance

“Pre-finished” wood has a factory-applied finish, making installation faster and provides the opportunity to have our specially formulated heavy duty UV Oil finish which is ideal for commercial premises. “Unfinished” boards require an oil or lacquer being applied on site. This allows for more bespoke finishes with a range of pigmented oils, or matching to existing fitting. However, installation takes longer and requires skilled work from your contractor; this of course ultimately makes it a more expensive option. If continuing with an unfinished board, consider finishes that resist scratches, stains, and moisture for better longevity in commercial spaces.

Style and Aesthetics

Choose a wood species and finish that complements the overall design and aesthetic of your business. The quest is for your perfect flooring, not necessarily the most expensive or the most ornate. Consider plank width, colour, and grain pattern to achieve your desired look.

Subfloor and Installation

Ensure the subfloor is suitable for hardwood installation. Concrete subfloors may require additional preparations before fitting. Professional installation is crucial for a long-lasting and attractive result. As an alternative our Impervia®️ Luxury flooring is a simple push-fit luxury floor and, unlike many seemingly ‘similar’ products Amtico Flooring and Karndean Floors, Impervia does not need any adhesive or underlay.

Climate and Environment

Wood is a natural product and is sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. Engineered wood may be a better choice in environments with fluctuating conditions. Consider the climate of the region and the specific environmental conditions of your commercial space. You’re always welcome to discuss matters like this with our team.

Budget Considerations

Hardwood flooring comes in a wide range of prices. Consider your budget and choose a flooring option that meets your financial constraints without compromising quality. There are many ways to have a high-quality product without having to spend a fortune. This can include construction type, grading even dimensions. Talk to us for more information if you have a strict budget.


Look for eco-friendly options such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood to ensure responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices. All of The Solid Wood Flooring Company’s flooring is produced from FSC-certified material and is a sustainable option to reduce your environmental impact. To further this, in addition to the rigorous replanting conducted at these certified forests, we plant four Oak trees for every tree we use. This planting is solely targeted in the UK with a specialist team that are regrowing our forests. Our sustainability section discusses this in greater detail.

Warranty and Longevity

Check the warranty offered by the manufacturer. A longer warranty period often indicates the confidence the manufacturer has in the product’s durability.

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose the perfect wood flooring for your commercial space, balancing aesthetics, durability, and practicality to create a welcoming and functional environment. Ready to elevate your retail space with premium wood flooring? Discover the ideal choice for your business at The Solid Wood Flooring Company. Explore our wide range of options and transform your interiors today!