Due to the current climate we understand more than ever how important it is to find a wood flooring supplier who not only provides high-quality wood flooring but also at a great price. 

As manufactures of high-quality wood flooring we are more than capable of helping you to meet your projects budget. In fact, we’ve worked in the industry for over 10 years with Architects, Designers and contracts on hundreds of projects all across the world. This has enabled us to gain vast experience, helping us to work smarter by carefully planning and manufacturing quality wood floor. This helps to cut costs which helps to save you money. Reinforced by The Solid Wood Flooring Company’s ethos of On Time, On Budget, On Value, we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to meet their budgetary requirements.

Large stock volumes 

We know that time is money, that’s why we can deliver to your site quickly and items in stock can typically be delivered to your chosen location within three working days to most of mainland UK. We are able to do this because we warehouse large quantities of stock of our most popular wood floors.

Going the extra mile

Not only do we promptly deliver your wood flooring to your location, we offer an extensive range of pre-finished hardwood floors. In fact, we can specially manufacture a pre-finished floor especially for large areas (500m2+). The wood flooring is finished with high-quality oil or industrial strength lacquer (this is dependent on what your requirements are). This process helps you to save time and money as professional floor finishers are not required. 

On top of offer pre-finished wood flooring we have a diverse range of engineered wood boards (3mm, 4mm or 6mm). This provides the customer with a choice of thickness. Choosing a thinner top layer will lower the cost and is a popular way to meet budgets. It’s important to note that choosing a thinner layer has no impact on the quality of the wood flooring

If you’ve got a big project up with tight budget and time constraints we’d love to help! We are more than happy to set up a meeting in London or anywhere in the UK. Alternatively, you can visit our showrooms located in The Building Centre, London or Tetbury, Gloucestershire where we have a permanent display presenting a large number of our products.