Hardwood flooring in general has the ability to really set the right vibe in any space. It can be used in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and even commercial spaces like pubs and restaurants. Now everyone has their preference when it comes down to flooring; and true, every room is different and sometimes the shoe just doesn’t fit the mould, but one type of flooring which can more often than not, really exuberate a warm and luxurious look is American Black Walnut Flooring.

Walnut flooring welcomes a sense of character with its beautiful natural grains, unique knots and textures; offering a totally different look to lighter or even medium coloured floorboards. In addition to its truly sensational aesthetic benefits, the dark walnut is very easy to clean and maintain. Due to the board’s smooth textured finish, along with the hardwearing timber, it is perfect even in family homes with children and pets.

Black walnut is in fact one of our most popular types of board, however there are some people who are yet very mindful of going for darker floorboards, as it may not suit their lighter interior. But in reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth – and we think that they actually go together really well. Decorating your walls with a light colour and matching furniture / appliances, plays hand in hand with contrasting floorboards.

Here at solid wood flooring, we are manufactures of quality real wood flooring, offering an extensive range of designer American Walnut Flooring, available in various tones and finishes.

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Our team of expert craftsmen can also manufacture a unique walnut floor, made exactly to your specifications, whatever project you’re working on!

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