Monochrome is a great interior design scheme for any space. It can work surprisingly well in a living room helping it can feel both chic and cosy. It’s the perfect colour scheme if you want something modern and simple that’s versatile and easily adaptable.

Everything In Moderation

Not only balancing both the two colours, but also balancing elements of light and dark. If you’re going for a dark wood flooring, keep the walls light, so that the room doesn’t feel closed in.

Add Texture With A Wooden Floor

As the colour scheme is limited to two colours, play around with textures rather to add interest. Mixing things like wooden flooring with metal light fixtures and fittings creates a rustic yet modern feel to the room. Combine this with softer materials like fluffy white rugs, this can add a cosy feel to an otherwise fairly cold room. 

Inject Your Room With Pops Of Colour

If you need to inject more personality into a monochrome room, adding pops of statement colour can be a great solution. Colours that work really well with a monochrome scheme include bright yellow, aqua, mauve, red and royal blue. 

The accent colour can be the perfect way for you to update your living room, as and when. All it means changing the statement colour and pieces for a refreshed, up-to-date look. Under no circumstances should you overuse the statement colour, as it’s simply there to add a different element to the room.