Random width flooring is the latest trend in wood floors, as households and commercial properties aim to create a truly unique floor for their environments.

The randomness of widths allows developers to install floors that have a more natural look and are unique – it is the uniqueness of these floors that generates the clear interest in them.

This type of wood flooring design stems right back to the times when flooring boards were produced straight from randomly sawn logs, with the various widths based on the size and grade of the tree. Add into that the fact that there was no specialist state-of-the-art machinery then as there is now.

Over the years as machinery accuracy steadily improved, random width floors were superseded by boards of the same widths and lengths – boards that allowed a super uniformed look but this meant more wastage.

And that is another great benefit of random width flooring. In the fact that much less timber is wasted per log – when you cut a round log, there is bound to be a variety of board widths.

Now, as there continues to be a drive for more ‘olde worlde’ or vintage style decors, here at the Solid Wood Flooring Company, our expert craftsmen can produce boards that not only have a ‘antique’ or ‘rustic’ look, but we can produce boards of random widths and length that easily slot together to create this beautiful and unique look.

One example of this style can be created from our newest range of floor boards – the Silver Fern Collection, which are normally only available as mixed widths from 120mm to 220mm. We have produced four different widths (E390E391E392 and E393) and we advise that you must buy the different widths in equal amounts.

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