There are many ways in which inadvertently the cleaning products you are using could be damaging to your wood flooring. When thinking about this in a kitchen setting it would only be natural to think that using bleach will offer the cleanest result. However, using a anti-bacterial or bleach based cleaning product can actually break down the wood finish of the floor.

Also, a common mistake can be to use the wrong cleaning product for the type of finish you have on your flooring. For example, if you have a lacquered floor but use a cleaning product suitable for oil finished floors then this will cause a problem.

As well as this a lack of information on the cleaning product packaging could lead to issues, so if a product just says suitable for wood flooring on it then it would be reasonable to assume that it would apply to all wood flooring however this is not the case.

How a wood floor should be cleaned 

The first steps to cleaning wood flooring is to determine the finish on your wood floor. The primary types of finish are Oiled (including UV Oiled) or Lacquered. Using the wrong product could leave a residue on your floor. It is important to always use the professional choice for cleaning wood floors.

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