Wood Flooring Adhesive

Wood Flooring Adhesive
Wood Flooring Adhesive
Wood Flooring Adhesive
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Wood Flooring Adhesive

Sustainable 100% PEFC™
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100% PEFC™


  • Material Icon100% PEFC™
  • Material IconSuitable for underflooring heating

Additional Details

Product Information

The SW890 adhesive is an Elastic adhesive with a movement accommodation factor (MAF) of approximately 300% of the adhesive bed thickness. As such it distributes and lowers all shear stresses caused by expansion and contraction across the entire surface area of the adhesive, thus avoiding high stress peaks which normally form at the edges of boards with rigid adhesives causing premature failure. In this way the Elastic SW890 will withstand excessive movement and stress caused by changing climatic conditions throughout the seasons. SW 890 is a high quality wood floor adhesive for bonding timber floors to all common substrates. This adhesive maintains an elastic hold to accommodate the differential movement associated with changing climatic conditions. SW 890's formulation is completely water & solvent free, this eliminates the possibility of timber planks warping or cupping due to VOC's. With an open time of approximately 60 minutes this product is also ideal for use in large areas. Coverage approx - 10m2 Weight - 14kgs

Installation Methods

Fully Bonded: RECOMMENDED using the SW-890 MS Polymer flexible adhesive.
Secret nailed: Yes, subject to the subfloor and environmental conditions.
Floated: Yes, subject to the subfloor and environmental conditions.
Over Underfloor Heating: Yes, compatible for UFH subject to following the correct installation requirements.

Company Approvals

The Solid Wood Flooring Company operate a stringent sustainable environmental policy, details of which can be seen on the web site. We are certified by all the relevant organisations and our certificate numbers can be seen below:
FSC® – Solid Wood Flooring Trademark License Number: FSC® C007915
FSC® – Solid Wood Flooring Chain of Custody Number: NC-COC-005535 HA
PEFC™ – Solid Wood Flooring Trademark Licence Number: PEFC/16-37-1814
PEFC™ – Solid Wood Flooring Certificate Number: CATG-PEFC-400-AT
WWF® – The Solid Wood Flooring Company achieved the highest – 3 Trees – accreditation

Sales Disclaimer

Nothing on this web site constitutes an offer for the sale of any product. All sales of product are as per our product data sheets and are concluded upon our standard terms and conditions of business.

Board Performance

Fire Protection: Reaction to fire – wood flooring performs to EN 13501-1 Dn s1
Thermal Conductivity: EN ISO 10456 and EN ISO 12664 Result 0.15 W/(mk)
Moisture Content: EN 13183 – 1 Requirement: 6% to 9% Average Results: <7%
Thermal Conductivity: EN ISO 10456 / EN ISO 12664 Result 0.15 W / (mk)
Release of Formaldehyde: Class E1 | EN 717 – 1:2006 Result 0.014 mg / m3
Requirement: Less than 3 ppm Result: 0.0053 ppm
Slip Resistance: Tested to BS 7967-2: 2002 (Pendulum Test in PTV values)
UV Oiled Finish results: DRY (60) LOW RISK WET (45) LOW RISK
There is no current requirement for slip resistance in residential developments.
Suitability of use: Suitable for use with under floor heating in commercial and residential applications.
Effects from moisture: Wood flooring will expand if it is exposed to conditions that increases its moisture content beyond 9%. Wood flooring will contract if the prevailing conditions reduce the product moisture content below 6%. Any exposure outside of these parameters will compromise the performance of the product.
Transmission of Sound: Wood flooring on its own will offer some assistance to reduce the passage of sound, but it is the build-up of the whole floor and the surroundings that contribute to impact and airborne sound. For accurate assessment’s a qualified engineer should be employed to calculate how to achieve accurate results.
Thermal properties: Solid Wood Flooring boards offer the following values:
20mm thick boards with a 4mm or 6mm top layer will lose 0.10 K/Wm2
15mm boards with a 4mm or 6mm top layer will lose 0.08 K/Wm2
Manufacturing: Engineered floors are manufactured in accordance with accepted industry standards, which permit a tolerance not to exceed 5%. The variations may be of a manufacturing or natural type (this does not include colour variation).

Health & Safety

Engineered wood flooring is a natural product and on its own offers no recognisable health and safety risks. When re-manufacturing any wood product please follow HSE advice.

Green Guide

A generic product of this type would correspond to Element Number 1321580001 of the BRE Green Guide 2008 ratings and achieve a rating of A+. The actual Kg/m2 achieved will be dependent on the type of fitting chosen. The Solid Wood Flooring Company recommend that as a basis for achieving this result all fitting must conform to BS8201:2011

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