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Red Oak flooring colour range

The team at The Solid Wood Flooring Company are continually innovating, and our latest range of engineered wood flooring uses a timber that is increasing 28.7 million cubic metres every year. We have found a way to treat American Red Oak so that the “Pink Tinges” your normally find are eliminated.

You can see images of the range of colours opposite and for additional durability we use birch plywood for the backing.

The information below is taken from the American Hardwood Export Council: Red oaks are regarded as highly sustainable for both domestic and export consumption and, being the largest species group, are more abundant than the white oaks.

This sustainably managed species group from natural forests of North America, with excellent environmental credentials, is a key species in many export markets. Its main uses are in furniture, flooring, doors, architectural joinery, mouldings and kitchen cabinets. It is also used in certain applications for construction.

Red oak trees grow only naturally and almost exclusively in North America, although planted elsewhere. They are widely distributed throughout most of the eastern United States in mixed hardwood forests. The trees are very tall. There are many sub-species, all within the red oak classification, which grow from north to south; some high in the mountains and others on low land giving rise to different characteristics. There are significant variations in red oaks depending on location, in particular between the slower grown northern and faster grown southern trees. Red oaks are regarded as highly sustainable for both domestic and export consumption and, being the largest species group, are more abundant than the white oaks.


FIA data shows U.S. red oak growing stock is 2.62 billion m3, 18% of total U.S. hardwood growing stock. American red oak is growing 60.6 million m3 per year while the harvest is 31.9 million m3 per year. The net volume (after harvest) is increasing 28.7 million m3 each year. U.S. red oak growth exceeds or is in balance with harvest in all states except Texas.
American red oak is the dominant species in the U.S. hardwood forests – with distinctive grain, and wood that is not always red in colour. The name comes from the leaf colour in the fall. Red oak may be sold on the basis of ‘northern’, ‘southern’ and ‘Appalachian’.


Quercus species, mainly Quercus rubra, northern red oak, southern red oak In general the sapwood of red oaks is light brown and the heartwood is often, but not always, pinkish to reddish brown. The colour difference between the sapwood and heart wood is quite distinct. The wood of red oaks is generally straight-grained and coarse textured.

The wood is figured with medullary rays – a feature of all true (Quercus) oaks – smaller in red oak than white oak.

American red oaks have very good overall strength properties relative to weight. The wood is hard and heavy with medium bending strength, stiffness and high crushing strength. It has excellent steam bending capability. Being hard, stable when dry and easy to finish and stain, it is ideal for furniture and flooring.

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Ready to elevate your style with timeless wood flooring? Discover premium quality and unmatched elegance with our range of American Red Oak flooring. Transform your project today!

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We are very conscious of our environment and will only supply fully sustainable wood flooring. We are FSC® certified and PEFC™ certified. This section reviews our ethical code of conduct and provides links to our certifications. If you have any more questions on our Responsible Purchasing Policy please call us on 01666 504 015.

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