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York House – Wembley Park

Project: Case Study | York House - Wembley Park


We’ve been working with architecture and development specialists Dandi Living for 12 years. They wanted a cost effective way of retrofitting a 14-storey office block to accommodate 360 apartments with a hard wearing flooring solution.

We’ve been involved on the York House project from the beginning. Existing floors have been assessed and levelled, and our Impervia White Washed Oak has now been installed.

The project, known officially as Dandi Wembley, is located in the heart of North West London. It’s designed to offer fully furnished studio and one bed apartments surrounded by elevated communal spaces for socialising, relaxing, working and revitalising. Their aim is to deliver a new kind of city co-living.


As part of our commitment to providing the sustainable, safe and healthy choice for waterproof, fireproof, and formaldehyde free flooring, we adopt and promote retrofitting as part of the RetroFirst campaign.

Originally developed as a response to the escalating climate crisis, RetroFirst is a campaign led by Architects’ Journal. The campaign’s objectives are simple: to prioritise retrofitting existing buildings over demolishing and rebuilding them.

On the York House project, the cost saving of using Impervia®, because of the acoustic back layer and residential warranty of 30 years, was more than 35% of previous estimates.

Impervia® is perfect because of its acoustic backing and a rigid core. It will be cleaner than the tiles which will have been professionally cleaned before fitting the Impervia® Flooring.

Because there is no movement in the rigid core it means Impervia® can be installed right up to the skirting without the need for any trims. The look will be perfect as if it was the original floor.

Floors for residential spaces like homes and hotels require a high level of resistance against mould, dents, water and fire. This is where Impervia® holds its own, boasting a range of features such as water & fire resistance and dent & mould proof.

Why White Washed Oak flooring is perfect for residential projects

Our White Washed Oak flooring is finished with a heavy-duty commercial grade wear layer that is waterproof, stain and scratch-resistant. Using patented 5G-i push-fit locking system and built-in acoustic IXPE backing layer which reduces impact sound by 21dB; installation is quick and easy.

It can be used with underfloor heating. With no PCPs or Formaldehyde, this rigid stone composite flooring has a textured surface just like real wood with the added advantage of being sustainable and healthy flooring.

The white washed Impervia Oak floor creates a warm spacious feel for the apartments, so with a 30-year warranty, it’s perfect for residential developments like this.

If any boards do get badly damaged, they can be easily replaced as Impervia Flooring has its own acoustic backing and uses the latest push fit click system. No adhesives are needed and water spills will not damage the floor as it is waterproof and fireproof.

It’s available sizes include:

  • 1524 x 180 x 6.5mm (5mm plank + 1.5mm IXEP backing)
    10 pieces per carton = 2.76 m2
  • 1524 x 228 x6.5mm (5mm plank + 1.5mm IXEP backing)
    6 pieces per carton = 2.086 m2
  • 1824 x 228 x6.5mm (5mm plank + 1.5mm IXEP backing)
    6 pieces per carton = 2.5 m2

If you’d like to discuss sustainable, luxury flooring for your next residential project, get in touch with us today!

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