There is now more than ever a significance placed on knowing exactly what is in the items we are buying and exactly where they are coming from. This is reflected in our culture and our economy, most noticeably with concerns over how secure businesses supply chains are whilst the ongoing Brexit debate rumbles on.

This is why by procuring the flooring for your next domestic or commercial project through The Solid Wood Flooring company, you can rest assured you are dealing with someone who

has the skills, tools and transport to complete any given assignment.  We can produce 100,000m2 of high-quality flooring per month and can help you to ensure that projects meet both the time frame and come in on budget.

One of the crucial roles in any projects is the of supplier, and as a supplier and manufacturer we have been involved in many successful projects both in the UK and abroad.  Our wooden flooring is specifically designed for the UK market due to our specialist knowledge and experience of working with Architects and Interior Designers. 

It takes a wealth of experience to deliver a quality product on time allowing for variances in the programme, so large commercial and residential projects (like our recent projects in the BBC Television Centre South Bank Place, along with High End residential blocks in Kensington High Street) require careful planning and co-ordination between the large number of disciplines needed to complete such complex projects.  This is true now more than ever as strict budget parameters and client expectations mean there’s very little room for error.

We hold extensive ranges of stock in our South East England warehouse to ensure that large orders can be delivered to site within three working days.  Normally we will hold 20% additional stock over and above the projected requirement to cater for such events.  Of course, lead times are increased if we’re making a bespoke product for your project.

As well as considering budgets and basic requirements of the project, one thing to include when considering where you are sourcing your materials from is the environmental credentials of your supplier. Proudly FSC Certified at the Solid Wood Flooring Company, we put the environment at the heart of our procurement so you can rest assured your wood flooring comes from the most ethical of sources. Being PEFC certified also provides this reassurance, as well as detailing more about why this certification is so important to us and what it means to be PEFC certified in our next blog. Until then, you can view our full environmental credentials by visiting our dedicated sustainability page.

In summary, we supply any sized project regardless of any political changes, and have a stable and secure supply chain that means you can rely on us to help you get the job done.