Parquet Panels and Chevron 60 degrees 3 Robert Street WC2

  • Project - 3 Robert Street WC2
  • Wood Flooring Supplier - The Solid Wood Flooring Company

Parquet Panels and Chevron 60 degrees 3 Robert Street WC2

We were asked by a client to manufacture a parquet panel to their design and also a 60-degree natural oiled chevron. For their large refurbishment in 3 Robert Street London.

Robert Street Exterior

Below are the images of the fitted flooring which is all engineered and prefinished. The flooring was fully bonded using our MS polymer adhesive which is solvent free and has the following properties:

The SW890 adhesive is an Elastic adhesive with a movement accommodation factor (MAF) of approximately 300% of the adhesive bed thickness. As such it distributes and lowers all shear stresses caused by expansion and contraction across the entire surface area of the adhesive, thus avoiding high stress peaks which normally form at the edges of boards with rigid adhesives causing premature failure. In this way the Elastic SW890 will withstand excessive movement and stress caused by changing climatic conditions throughout the seasons.

You can see the details of the power point inserts in the image below and how carefully they have been set in the floor.

The 60-degree chevron is more aestheticaly pleasing than 45 degree which can look similar to a herringbone floor. The natural hard wax oil we use brings out the lustre of the oak floor.

The client used our expert fitters to carry out the work on this large refurbishment to guarantee a quality installation. Chevron needs professional expert fitters to guarantee the perfect crown line form which the completed floor is set against.

60-degree Chevron Parquet Flooring

The image below shows the installation of the Mora parquet panel, again with the power point inserts. The inserts have been kept in line with the panels and part of the panel inserted to make it appear that it is part of a complete panel,

Mora parquet panel

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