At The Solid Wood Flooring Company, sustainability is in our DNA. We’re committed to helping deliver long-lasting high-quality design with low environmental impact.

Working closely with architects and interior designers, we use and repurpose all of the timber wood we buy. This allows us to make unique designs without compromising our commitment to bettering our planet. Using rustic grade materials, we create engineered boards via scouring and brushing to offer a reflective surface.

We ensure our materials come from certified, sustainable and well-managed forests by working with the FSC®️ and PEFC™️. In addition, as part of our collaboration with Gone West, we plant three new trees for every one we cut down. All in all, we’re creating sustainable materials for sustainable design.


The construction industry has an extremely high carbon emissions rating, accounting for 45% of the UK’s total carbon emissions. This is due to the industry consuming much of the world’s cement, alongside 25% of all plastics, 26% of aluminium, and 50% of steel production.

One of the main reasons for this is the extremely ineffective economical model of demolishing buildings. At The Solid Wood Flooring Company, we support the RetroFirst campaign by promoting retrofitting as a sustainable alternative.


By choosing to repurpose a building rather than demolishing it, you’re not only offering a solution to the climate change crisis but creating sustainable living environments.

Aiming to reduce personal and societal environmental impact, sustainable living promotes positive changes to counteract clime change. Sustainable living encourages us to minimise our use of the Earth’s resources, and reduce the damage of human and environmental interactions.

Whilst there is no perfect picture of sustainable living or a blueprint for achieving zero net living, there are steps we can all take. For us, sustainable living starts with sustainable design, which will always need sustainable flooring. 

If you’ve got a project coming up, help our commitment to sustaining our planet’s future by choosing a sustainable design. To help inspire you, discover how we’ve worked with architects, developers, and interior designers on large-scale residential properties to create sustainable living. 


Sustainable living requires collaborative working. It’s something we thrive on. We teamed up with Base InteriorMandarin Stone, and Crosswater on a refurbishment in the affluent district of Kensington in Central London.

Inspired by Scandi design, Fitzhardinge House offers crisp, clean, and modern aesthetics. To achieve this, we used our Light Brushed Fumed Raw Timber UV Cured Finish Flooring. By creating a bright and spacious area, we help this brand of sustainable living stand the test of time from all perspectives.

Beautiful tiles were supplied by Mandarin Stone, and Cross Water supplied the taps, demonstrating how collaborative, sustainable design can be achieved without compromise.


Set within 2.5 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, Prince Of Wales Drive is a collection of 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom apartments moments away from Battersea Park. Offering state-of-the-art residential facilities, including a 17m pool, sauna, steam room, cinema, and games area; its interior design needed to be distinctive and luxurious.

As part of Phase 1, we supplied our Herringbone Parquet Engineered Brushed White Oiled Oak Flooring, offering a stunning finish. Adding to the project’s sustainability, the fully bonded flooring is highly durable and designed for high-traffic environments. 

By choosing engineered flooring, the Prince Of Wales Drive project promotes sustainable living. It’s an environmentally friendly alternative, using far less of the tree per plank than solid hardwood does. Better yet, it uses 75% fewer slow-grow hardwoods like Oak by using faster-growing ones like Birch and Poplar.

In line with reducing carbon emissions and tackling climate change, the engineered wood flooring used here creates little to no pollutants during its production.


London Dock by St George is nestled near some of London’s key landmarks, from The Tower of London to Tower Bridge. With zone 1 transport links nearby, 7.5 acres of landscaped open space, and luxury spa and gym facilities, sustainable living that looks as good as it is environmentally friendly is important.

Working with Berkeley Homes, we created the floor specifically for the interior designers, meeting their detailed specifications. Using our Cobble Grey Oak Herringbone Parquet Flooring in high-traffic areas like the kitchen, we offer a durable living environment ensuring. This means there’s less chance of replacing it further down the line, reinforcing sustainable living and design.


Our roots are in refurbishing Grade I and II listed properties. Inspired by a lack of homegrown products and the quality of cheap imports, we spent several years researching and developing high-quality engineered flooring that interior designers can pick up and play with.

Since day one, we work closely with architects, contractors, fitters and interior designers to manufacture flooring that brings the artistic vision to life. By investing in innovation, we afford architects and designers new levels of imagination.

All of our engineered boards can be used for cladding walls or bar fronts to create atmosphere and transform spaces. By offering multi-purpose boards, interior designers can create cohesion and consistency by matching up the flooring with the walls and bar fronts.

By offering multi-purpose engineered flooring, we continue our commitment to providing environmentally friendly alternatives suitable for sustainable living and design. 

If you’re working on a residential or commercial project, and want to commit to sustainable living, get in touch with us today.