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What are Biscuit Joints?

Wood flooring must always be fitted according to BS8201:2011 and wherever possible an experienced wood floor fitter should also be used. This section is for guidance only as site conditions and subfloors will dictate the best method of fitting your floor. If you want your own builder or fitter to install your floor, they must understand that they take on full responsibility for the fitting of the floor and ensuring the subfloor is suitable. For more information or to arrange one of our recommended fitters to visit you, please call 01666 504 015.

You can lay planks like 190mm wide x 1900 mm long in different patterns like herringbone or chevron to create a different floor. To do this, you need a very good professional fitter who knows how to use biscuit joints.

We are asked on numerous occasion what are biscuit joints and when they are used.

These types of joints are used where you have boards that have been cut like the one below so that when you put the next board up to it the biscuit joint will go into both grooves.

They are commonly used where you need to change the direction of boards or where specialist designs like the Mansion Weave is made up of small pieces individually machined to create a unique pattern. The biscuit joints are easily obtained from any good timber merchant.

Biscuit Joints can also be used if you want to lay planks in a chevron or herringbone pattern. The images below show the E129 laid as a chevron.

You can also use this method for laying in a herringbone pattern.

Professional floor fitters will always have access to them if needed which is why we only recommend the best fitters available. Call 01666 504015 for further assistance.

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