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Why extra wide engineered wood planks are becoming popular

Engineered wood flooring and Impervia Flooring are one of the most popular flooring options. The reasons are numerous but most importantly, after the last pandemic, flooring from The Solid Wood Flooring Company and Impervia is hygienic and clean and will not harbour microbes, dust or other health hazards.

Our Impervia Flooring has “Green Guard” certification and credentials and is formaldehyde-free.

Wide planks, in our opinion are anything over 210mm wide or 7 inches. We have flooring that is 240mm wide and 260mm wide, which is an old fashioned 9 ½ inch plank or just over 10-inch plank.  You can see our 260mm wide planks in the Jorvik Museum in York below. 

Wide planks bring style and quality to any floor, and in the right setting will make any area look larger.

We can get 400mm wide unfinished engineered oak flooring on special order, as seen below. These are really wide boards at nearly 16 inches. They’re brilliant for large open plan areas like offices, function rooms and museums.

We love our wider floorboards which is why our Impervia Flooring is 228mm wide, which is nearly 9 inches. 

You can fit our wide Impervia flooring planks in any location. Impervia Flooring is waterproof and fireproof and can be easily installed in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, playrooms and basements.  

Impervia flooring is also great for restaurants and hotels being easy to clean and safe. 

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