While many parents to be are pre-occupied with which colour the nursery should be; blue for a baby boy or pink for a baby girl, many of them rule out ‘going green’ altogether.

One way to ‘go green’ in the nursery, is through fitting wood flooring throughout it. It’s also great way for prospective parents to kit out the room without worrying about the impact the floor covering will have on the environment. 

Whether you choose solid wood flooring or engineered wood boards, The Solid Wood Flooring Company have all types of timber in a range of styles, colours and patterns. 

To keep the room bright and airy, choose a lighter wood floor such as maple. Accentuate muted colours and add texture to the nursery, by adding a large wool rug- not only will this help the floor covering retain heat, but it will also cushion any falls during baby’s first steps.

Some of the benefits of having Solid Wood Flooring in your nursery include:

  • It’s easy to keep clean
  • Easy to install
  • Ethically sourced from sustainable forests
  • Expertly fitted and finished
  • Long lasting
  • Timeless
  • Low allergens

But if you still need convincing, why not discuss your wood flooring requirements with one of our in-house experts? 

Already got some ideas? Have a look at our free sample service and order yours now! We have a pool of recommended fitters who we work in partnership with, so get in touch for further information.