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Underlays for Wood Flooring

Wood flooring must always be fitted according to BS8201:2011 and wherever possible an experienced wood floor fitter should also be used. This section is for guidance only as site conditions and subfloors will dictate the best method of fitting your floor. If you want your own builder or fitter to install your floor, they must understand that they take on full responsibility for the fitting of the floor and ensuring the subfloor is suitable. For more information or to arrange one of our recommended fitters to visit you, please call 01666 504 015.

Here at The Solid Wood Flooring Company we only recommend and supply the best underlays for your floor.  To highlight, wherever possible we recommend you glue your floor directly to your subfloor (fully bond).  However, there may be some circumstances wherein you’ll need to ‘float’ the floor. This is where these high quality underlays come in.  It is important to note that when floating a wood floor you should always glue the tongue and groove edges of the boards together using high quality D3 PVA glue such as our recommended Sika D4 adhesive.  We can supply either of these options from our stock range:

SW-633 Underlay

Suitable for hardwood or laminate floors.  This foil backed underlay suits the vast majority of floating floor installations and can be used with under floor heating.
Thickness – 3mm
Density – 950 (+/- 50) kg/m3
Sound Insulation – 20dB
Roll Size – 10m2

Please note, even foil backed underlays do not provide a ‘DPM’ (Damp Proof Membrane), prior to installing your floor you must always check the moisture content and humidity of the room to determine if you require an additional sealant or DPM.  For more information see our technical page: Damp Proof Membrane Sealants for Subfloors.

If you’d like to discuss our floating floor options please call and speak to our experts on 01666 504 015 or email

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