Our History

Martyn Ryder established the company after extensive research into the flooring market and in particular wood flooring. In general the quality of cheap imports and lack of home grown products meant there was an opportunity to develop high quality hardwood flooring jointly with interior designers and architects.

We pride ourselves on the service we offer and being a family company, working on the principles of high quality products, good service and competitive pricing.

Our History Our History

The research started back in the 1980s when Martyn was in the development business, refurbishing grade I and Grade II listed properties and realised there was no wood flooring competitively priced that would meet what was needed to ensure the integrity of the conversion was in keeping with the era.

It took three years to complete the research and development of the first 10 lines of solid wood and engineered floors, which then became the top quality engineered hardwood flooring you now see in our range. There is a limitless range of finishes and colours available using either our prefinished floors or unfinished boards.

Since then we have exported to more than 25 countries and continents around the world including Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Malta, Azerbaijan, Columbia and the USA.

A large proportion of our wood floors have been designed and manufactured to exacting specifications created by architects and interior designers. We only use the latest, state-of-the-art machines, adhesives and finishes and are always striving to continually develop our products and increase the range of wood flooring options.

Our Team

The expert team at the Solid Wood Flooring Company have more experience than any other company and this can be seen by the amount of technical advice on the web site. We ensure all our staff are fully trained and endeavour to offer the best, most friendly and professional service in such a diverse industry.

This is why it is our philosophy not to have a web site where you can buy online. The purchase of a wood floor is a high ticket item and corners should not be cut for the sake of a few pounds. Neither should people go into such a purchase, blind to the consequences of buying a wood floor that has not been properly manufactured, and then fitted badly. We have horrendous stories of people filling their basket on a web site only to find that the floors lifts, buckles and twists just a few weeks after being fitted all for the sake of a few pounds.

Martyn Ryder
Martyn Ryder CEO
Rob Eckersley
Rob Eckersley Director
Claire Keating
Claire Keating Accounts Manager
Claire Sparrowhawk
Claire Sparrowhawk Sales & Marketing Manager
Earle Wright
Earle Wright Business Development Manager
Gareth Bullock
Gareth Bullock Sales Director
Ben Carter
Ben Carter Sales & Business Administrator
Providing Experts With Quality Products

Working with Contractors, Architects, Fitters and Interior Designers, we've grown our product range to include nearly 150 different styles of timber flooring. 
We now also supply adhesives, underlays, finishing oils and maintenance products.

The Solid Wood Flooring Company has one of the largest ranges of engineered wooden flooring on the UK market today. Using timber from well-managed forests, only the best and oldest wood is selected, allowing younger trees to prosper for future use.

How We Work

With a business model based around service, quality and sustainability, everyone at the Solid Wood Flooring Company holds the following values in high esteem:

Providing a service

Providing a service and product that is second to none.

Establishing relationships

Establishing and building long-term business relationships.

Open minded

Being open-minded about the wood flooring industry.


Taking the lead in using new techniques and technology to develop high quality British products.

Our Facilities

Our complementary services only add to the client experience. 
We also supply the best aftercare products to ensure your wood floor stays in great condition. It is quite possible a quality wood floor, fitted well and maintained, can last you a lifetime!

We now have four main manufacturing facilities specialising in our solid and engineered flooring range, although due to sustainability issues we rarely manufacture solid Oak these days. All our facilities are FSC® or PEFC certified to ensure that all our products are sourced ethically with the environment in mind.

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Our Facilities Our Facilities
Ongoing Development & Sustainability

Ongoing Development
& Sustainability

The Solid Wood Flooring Company manufactures unique hardwood flooring products with the best managed forest timber products. We will not purchase or machine any timber from the rain forests, such as Teak etc. A good managed forest will plant more trees than it harvests and in North America, parts of Russia and even China this is very much the case. We do not have many of our deciduous forests left now so oak in the UK is in short supply. All our products are unique to us as they are made to our exacting specification and are British quality controlled.

The continual development of our ethical hardwood flooring means we can offer high quality products at competitive prices. As a member of the Timber Trade Association, The Solid Wood Flooring Company sets industry standards with their approach to testing, sourcing, research and development.

  • The Queen's Commonwealth Canopy
  • PEFC
  • FSC
  • WWF

Being proactive with sustainability ensures that more trees are planted than harvested for our timber products.

We have earned a three Tree rating with the WWF, which is the highest that can be given for our environmental and sustainability statements and procedures.

Wooden flooring products are just like us - every tree is individual and unique as this is how nature works. The grain and colour variation on any single species of tree will be different, just like every human being is different. Even identical twins will have personality differences even though they may look alike. The seasons and climate changes will have an impact on trees and can alter their hue, colour and structure.

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Below you’ll be able to see our range of various projects. We’ve had the pleasure to work with some of the best interior designers & architects in the industry on projects like York House Retrofitting, Kings College Cambridge, Strada Restaurants, Army Museum London and many more. Take some time to browse our exciting projects to understand how we can help you.

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