Spitbank Fort Hotel

  • Project - Spitbank Fort Hotel
  • Client - Clarenco
  • Main Contractor - Clarenco
  • Fit Out Sub-Contractor - Newman Scott
  • Wood Flooring Supplier - The Solid Wood Flooring Company


Spitbank Fort was originally built in 1878 and was part of a group of forts designed to defend the mouth of the Solent. As of April 2012, Spitbank Fort, has been owned by Clarenco LLP, and has been renovated for use as a luxury spa hotel and retreat with nine bedroom suites.


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Spitbank Fort Hotel

This project created challenging circumstances for wood flooring because the structure is metal and is over 130 years old. Surrounded by sea creating high, fluctuating humidity and the structure was round so most of the boards had to be re-manufactured to fit. There were height restrictions because there were numerous arches creating low points and all the services had to be laid on the existing substrate thus raising the finished floor level to accommodate them.

Despite those challenging circumstances PLC Architects created a stunning design and by using the antique flooring captures a wonderful feel of history and elegance.

Spitbank Fort Hotel wood flooring