White Lacquered Chevron Parquet in a Hotel Spa

Our white special lacquered chevron was fitted in the spa area of the Four Seasons Hotel in Baku, a World Heritage City in Azerbaijan.  Terra Structure, a large contractor in the Middle East commissioned us to manufacture a very specific Chevron for the Spa area which had been designed by a leading firm of Architects.

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Chevron Parquet flooring in a Spa

The Parquet was produced specifically to match our White Fire Resistance Lacquered Oak engineered board (E155).  The E155 was then used as a border for the parquet.  Our 260mm wide variant of this board (E155W) was then used as the  skirting.
As it was a spa area and the flooring also had to go around the swimming pool and treatment rooms the finish had to be an industrial lacquer and we used the Bona White Fire Resistant Lacquer.  You can see details of the contractor who have completed a lot of works in Azerbaijan here www.terrastruc.com
These are our partners in the Middle East and we have done a lot of work with them and have experience in exporting from the UK to the Middle East area. We understand all the requirements of shipping and exporting especially to countries like the UAE as well as Azerbaijan and South America.


Spa fitted with parquet flooring

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