Blanchon S.O. Primer

Product Code: 09103404

Blanchon S.O. Primer

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Blanchon S.O. Primer is a one-component primer for wooden floors.

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Dry in 45 minutes

Very low odour

Easy application

Quick-drying primer, suitable for all types of use (with wooden floor lacquers or waxes)

Recommended for exotic and resinous woods

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  • Suitable for Under Floor Heating
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Versatile & Quick-Drying primer with a low odour: - It is suitable before an application of Belmont®, Intensiv™, Initial®, Allroad®, Sport™. It enhances nicely the wood colour -especially when used in conjunction with Allroad®. - It is also designed for use on bare wood previously treated with solvent-based finishes: it "seals" contaminants in the wood and increases adhesion for subsequent coats of any Blanchon lacquers. Click here to view Technical Data Sheet S.O. Primer PDF