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Chevron Parquet Flooring

Chevron parquet is becoming very fashionable again, especially the 60 degree angle version because the 45 degree can look similar to herringbone.

One of the problems with chevron is setting out the crown line when fitting and if it is not done accurately then gaps will appear getting exponentially larger as each piece is laid. You can see examples of advice on fitting and setting out on our web site.

We have developed a “Chevron Plank” and unlike our competitors where they just create a bevel with a saw. We actually glue individual top layer pieces of Chevron to the backing board. This means that when each board is fitted together it looks exactly like each piece had been fitted separately. Given time we can make these planks for any of our chevron.

The images below show a side view as well as the top and bottom of the plank. The image on the left shows the top and backing board and the other shows them fitted.

Chervon Plank flooring front and back . Chevron Plank Flooring - front view   side view of chevron plank 

The image on the right shows the end of the boards with the micro bevel on each individual piece of the top layer.The cost of these chevron planks is more than the individual pieces because of the labour but the fitting costs should be reduced considerably as well as a better looking and quicker installation.

We are continually developing new products so please call us on 01666 504015 for any project you have coming up soon.