End Grain Mosaic Oak Flooring
End Grain Mosaic Oak Flooring
End Grain Mosaic Oak Flooring
End Grain Mosaic Oak Flooring
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End Grain Mosaic Oak Flooring

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We are producing our Mosaic End Grain Oak Flooring System which is easy to fit and more stable than most end grain floors.

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Product Information

These end grain block are not square but come as a block 13mm thick x 423mm wide and 423mm long held together and assembled with a thermoplastic mesh. The raw material can be seen below:

Top surface of our Mosaic End Grain Oak Flooring with Thermoplastic Mesh

Mosaic End Grain Oak Flooring

Bottom surface of the mosaic end grain block showing cut grooves for the adhesive to penetrate up into each block locking them together.The adhesive should be applied generously in both directions so that is covers the whole surface and fills in the cut grooves for maximum adhesion.

Bottom Surface of Mosaic End Grain Block

Mosaic End Grain flooring after gluing to a plywood subfloor with the mesh removed before sanding which will only need between 0.01mm to 0.02mm to create the perfect surface depending on how good the fitters are. You should always use a high grade marine tongue and groove plywood subfloor to glue these blocks to using an MS Polymer such as our SW 890 adhesive. 

Mosaic End Grain Flooring after Glueing to a Plywood Subfloor

Once the blocks have been sanded they are then finished with a colour oil and a final top coat of Blanchon Solid'Oil. The image on the left is unfinished and the one on the right has the Blanchon Solid'Oil, which penetrates into the fibres and then the hard wax oils seals the top. 

Click here to view Wood Floor Finishes From The Solid Wood Company PDF

Special Order Only on Large Commercial Projects (Minimum order 100m2)

There are several end grain systems including individual blocks. The problems are always with installation and also expansion and contraction.

We are now producing our mosaic end grain oak flooring system which is easy to fit and more stable than most end grain floors.

The problem with end grain floors is that the ends of fibres of the tree that feed it during its growth are open unlike conventional floorboards. This means that it will absorb more moisture and conversely dry out quicker than conventional floor boards.

We always recommend oiling these boards with a viscous natural oil to start and then a top grade hard wax oil to finally seal the surface and edges. We also manufacture the traditional end grain blocks that are 47mm square and 20mmt thick but these are normally made as square edged panels or as stair treads.

We will only supply Our End Grain Wood floor to the trade and there is a minimum order quantity

Both these products can be seen below. Please call 01666 504015 for more details.

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Flooring FAQ's

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Any type of underfloor heating system must be tested and commissioned before you consider installing any timber floor. You then turn it off before installing any floor.


The best way is to remove the old floorboards and then check the joist and the base floor and make sure that the bricks or other method of allowing air to circulate underneath as free form debris and other obstacles. You can then add insulation between the joists using “hangers” and then fix a 20mm structural board direct to the joists. An alternative method is to screw marine plywood to the joists and then fully bond a 15mm engineered board which can also be herringbone or chevron. Parquet herringbone and chevron cannot be fitted to joist as it needs a plywood or chipboard subfloor.


Yes, wood flooring can be fitted in any part of your home. Remember that wood flooring is a natural product and will react differently compared to man-made or stone tile options.  Discuss care and maintenance advise with our experts prior too fitting in high spillage areas.


The term character can be applied in two ways with wood flooring.  The first is referring to the aesthetic properties of the wood e.g. grain pattern, knots etc… the ‘character’ of the timber. The other meaning of this term is as a grade description, i.e. ‘Character Grade’ this denotes a way to visualise the grading specification. Character grade usually has a wider grain, with larger and more frequent knots permissible than a ‘select’ grade, but not as much as a ‘rustic’ grade.


This will depend on a number of factors unique to where the flooring is fitted. Typically, if the floor is well maintained and cleaned with the correct products, the finish should last for many years, possibly a lifetime depending on usage. If a wood floor has not been properly maintained or is in a very heavy use environment, then you need to watch out for indicators that the finish is in need of maintenance. These indicators are typically: • How quickly the wood floor is getting dirty/how easy it is to clean any soiling off? • Does the wood feel rough? (not application to band sawn flooring) • Does the floor look patchy? • Has a chemical cleaner been used or spilt on to the floor? If the answers to these questions are that it is hard to clean and looks/feels rough/patchy then it might be time to consider re-oiling. It is always best to get in touch with us first to discuss and sanding may not be required.

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