Giving Your Cafe A Cosy Vibe

Posted By Solidwood Company

So you’ve decided to open your own cafe? You want it to be a home from home, serving lovely products in a relaxed, tranquil environment.

One of the first things people expect is an element of homeliness, after all, they’re leaving their home to come to you! How well you pull this off could also effect whether they come back or not, so atmosphere is everything.

Start from the bottom up with a rustic wooden floor- this is something that should reflect your business, as well as your professionalism. Wood works because as a natural material, it’s warm and gives any room a cosy feel to it. 

Wood flooring is affordable and easy to maintain- if you decide to update the look and feel of your cafe, then wood flooring is perfect for you. Not only can it be stained or painted, but it pretty much goes with anything!

To really give your place a familiar, welcoming atmosphere you can also do the following things:

  • Avoid harsh lighting 
  • Use natural elements as much as possible
  • Things like exposed bricks or wooden panelling on the walls look great 
  • Fresh flowers and twigs can also make really lovely decor pieces 
  • Invest in comfy chairs, throws and high quality tables
  • Add ornaments, wall prints, old books and chinaware for a quirky twist