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The Place Apart Hotel Central Manchester

Project: The Place Apart Hotel Central Manchester
Architect/Designer: Archer Humphryes Architects
Main Contractor: Cost Consultants

In 2017 we were presented with a great opportunity when We met with the principal architects Archer Humphrey Architects to capture their requirements and vision as they wanted a fumed chevron band sawn board creating a real unique luxury and bespoke feel to the project, they wanted to be able to go into the manufacturing process to which we created 3 variations of boards for the client to confirm which one fitted their specifications the most.

The board and matching skirting were made to match with the history of the building, with the skirting being a large tall statement piece of modern contemporary design to really tap into the buildings history heritage and character. Awarded Grade II listed status by English heritage in 1998 as an acknowledgement of it’s important cultural and architectural legacy, this was a former railway warehouse built in 1867 during The City of Manchester’s prominence as the worlds number one centre for the cloth trade. This building is only one of four warehouses erected by the Manchester & Birmingham Railway Company and was known as the London Warehouse. In 1998 the building was transformed in the Place Aparthotel making sure to retain a lot of the buildings original features including the impressively crafted iron, stone and brick work. These can be seen in the original Victorian railings manning the balconies, the barrel ceilings, the stupendous façade and the large, spacious public area which makes The Place unique the cast iron columns and other impressive features remain today, including iron girders and the tastefully retained Romanesque window arches, but instead of vast warehouse flooring, the seven storeys now hold 107 apartments, supporting a spectacular atrium where cranes would once have dangled their loads.

Fumed band sawn chevron parquet flooring is a type of hardwood flooring that has been treated with a fuming process to enhance its colour and grain pattern. The fuming process involves exposing the wood to ammonia fumes, which react with the tannins in the wood to create a rich, dark colour. This process also helps to bring out the natural grain pattern of the wood, giving it a unique and distinctive look.

The term “band sawn” refers to the way the wood is cut. Band sawing is a method of cutting wood using a continuous band saw blade, which results in a distinctive saw mark pattern on the surface of the wood. This adds to the character and charm of the flooring and really taps into the heritage of flooring and recreates a surface texture that would have been apparent in ancient floors and fixed features. This adds character to the room and adds history within a building that is already draped in rich history and heritage.

Chevron parquet refers to the specific pattern in which the wood is laid. Chevron is a V-shaped pattern that is created by laying the wood planks at an angle to each other. This pattern is often associated with a more traditional and elegant look. The machines we use are specifically made to machine accurate chevron pieces. Oversize pieces are placed onto the machine bed of the machine where they are then clamped in place. The bed then moves through the cutters making 3 pieces as it passes the cutters. The tongue and groove along the long edges have already been made on a Homag profiling machine which guarantees that the angles on the end are accurate and the sharp points will not get damaged.

Fumed band sawn chevron parquet flooring is known for its durability and longevity. Hardwood flooring is a popular choice for many homeowners due to its ability to withstand heavy foot traffic and resist wear and tear. Additionally, the fuming process adds depth and richness to the colour of the wood, alongside with a commercial grade UV finish which is easy to maintain and with a low slip potential making it a visually appealing option for any space.

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