Flooring Services

So, you need to arrange for a wood floor to be fitted for a development. Why not take advantage of the Solid Wood Flooring company’s extensive range of flooring services?

We offer a full survey service from our flooring experts at just £50. This preferential rate will be refunded, should you choose to use our highly-skilled recommended fitters.

The survey will outline all wood flooring fitting costs based on:

  • The state of the subfloor
  • If any furniture needs to be moved
  • The state of any skirting boards and architraves
  • If an old carpet has to be removed
  • The levels of humidity and moisture

Terms Of Business

Firstly, the expert floor fitter will monitor the moisture and humidity levels in the intended room with a special reader. Any readings must be reported back to the fitter as they form part of your terms of business with them. Once confirmed and the right conditions have been established, the fitter can begin their work.

Installing Your Wood Floor

Wood flooring installations are a straightforward process, as long as recommendations are adhered to. As your floor fitting expert will tell you, it’s of the utmost importance that you acclimatise a solid wood floor in the rooms where it will be laid for at least 10 days.

One of the reasons for doing this is because solid wood floors expand and contract during fluctuating temperature changes. This could be anything from switching on the central heating to a change in the seasons. There have been numerous cases where this has happened, even to the extent where the floor has expanded so much that it’s pushed a brick wall down.

This is why we suggest wood flooring fitters that have years of experience. Their work is continually monitored for quality, customer service, reliability and professionalism. All fitting prices they quote will include the trimming of all doors, architraves and cutting the skirting board so that the floor can be fitted underneath. The fitter’s specialist equipment will ultimately save you time and money in the long run and minimise on mess.

Once the above steps have been completed, the fitter will be sure the sub floor is sound and acceptable for a wooden floor. They will also be able to tell you the square metres required and any other pre-preparation required for a trouble free wood floor installation. When fully satisfied, the fitter will fit your wood floor.

Alternatives To Solid Wood Flooring

As an alternative, we also offer engineered wood floors which cost less in terms of fitting as they don’t expand and contract as much as solid boards. Speak to our flooring specialists if you’re fitting engineered boards over underfloor heating.

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