Pre-Installation Conditions for Wood Flooring

The importance of moisture and humidity levels cannot be over emphasized and should be followed stringently if you want a trouble free wood floor installation that will last a lifetime.  The points below are in our opinion the most crucial to avoid before installing a floor.  We understand the time constraints of contractor who may be on penalty clauses, and developer who have to work to a rigid timetable, but problems post completion or near completion will have an adverse impact on margins and the quality of the installation.

  • All wet trades must be totally finished and the humidity level measure below 60%
  • Moisture levels of any screeds and walls must be less than 2%
  • All decorating should be complete including painting and any remedial work just leaving the skirting board to be glued on after the flooring installation if it is to be glued down. 
  • The wood floor must be the last piece of work to be completed.  Our experience has shown that whatever protection you put on the floor there will always be some form of damage and rectification of this can be expensive and time consuming.

Where these rules have not been adhered to or where it has not been possible to operate in this way you need to see the documents below that will help in getting the wood floor back to its original state.  For lacquered floors it is much more difficult so we always recommend oiled floors for large apartment developments.

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