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How we work

From concept through to design and final installation, we work with Architects, Designers, Contractors and Clients to achieve unique designs, treatments, colours and finishes on our engineered wood flooring.

We start work with the designers at the conceptual stage where they have basic plans and need to design interiors that are unique and imaginative.

We do not just “sell” engineered wood flooring we help to design textures, colours and hues to create unique interiors that help the designers and clients.  We have done this on a large number of prestigious developments and are now considered one of the leading companies developing new wood floor products to match a client’s expectations and requirements.

We manufacture all our own flooring and have some secrete treatments that are unsurpassed in the current market place. Sustainability is always at the forefront of our thinking and procurement and our dedication to the supply chain and timely deliveries is paramount.  

We have created light fumed oak boards with designers and carried out tests over two months to get exactly the right hue and look to meet everyone’s expectations. We are not a company that sells standard products we pride ourselves on being innovative and creative using the latest techniques to help us achieve people’s dreams.  Everyone walks on a floor and it is one of the first things they see and its quality and durability should also be considered.

We can even help door and carpentry manufacturers match our floors for the complete package. It is important that all aspects of a design are considered to include the building and light. Natural light has a huge impact on designs and colours depending how much there is. New apartment blocks now have varying requirements and it is imperative that as much natural light falls on the floor and is reflected in the right way.