Antique Oak Flooring

Antique Oak flooring is often associated with reclaimed timber.  This comes with a connotation of a product that has perhaps aged through years of us.  As this naturally aged and distressed timber becomes rarer, the prices are soaring.  We’ve developed a range of engineered oak flooring that has been hand distressed to recreate the look of reclaimed timber.   This is a sustainable and cost effective method of having a classic antique floor.

There are other wood floor manufacturers that produce ‘antiqued’ floors; however, a lot of the time machines are used to distress the wood to replicate the surface texture of reclaimed Oak.  This mechanical method of aging the timber often creates a manufactured, false, repetitive feel or design to the surface of the floor.  Our hand distressing methods create a far more genuine randomised pattern of aging helping further increase the reclaimed timber effect. 

Click here to see hand distressed antique oak flooring from The Solid Wood Flooring Company.

Our antique oak has been used in the world famous Spitbank Fort, to see more on this project visit our Inspiration Gallery