Working with leading restaurant chain Le Bistrot Pierre | Case Study

Back in 2011 we started working with the founders of the above restaurant chain. We have supplied our engineered wood flooring to a large number of their sites the latest being the newly opened one in Eastbourne which has stunning views.

The image below shows the décor that is different in each restaurant.

We develop and make the flooring as specials for the designers they use and then create a product as a stock item, as they are always great designs.



You can see from the above image that the chair legs have pads on them to help protect the floor when the chairs get constantly move about. The stunning interior designs mean that no two restaurants are the same and yet everyone knows when they are in a Le Bistrot Pierre.

Call us so we can help create and develop your brand by using our designer flooring at some of the most competitive prices in the market. It is wonderful that after 8 years the client is still coming back to us.